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I'm a disabled lesbian trans woman from the UK. I'm happily married. My pronouns are she/her.
I'm blind and have cerebral palsy.
My interests include music (both playing and listening), reading, films, Technology, all sorts.
I do a fair bit of editing on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
I'm listed on NVAccess' certified expert program, although my certificate is very out of date.
I think that'll do for now.

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@MonaApp two things:
Can you add an option to mute notifications for specific threads?
Also, in the select text screen you can select text with VoiceOver but you can’t do anything with it once it’s selected. The edit option in the rotor needs to appear, which it doesn’t.

@textfiles @jmac Please ad descriptions to the pics you post Textfiles Jason. If you use a screen reader it’s like you just repeatedly post the word “image.”

@MonaApp You’re welcome.

Friendly reminder that using those 'fancy text' generators to make your name or the text in your posts all pretty makes them inaccessible to screen reader users.
to you, they're just cute lettering you can just skip over. For a screen reader user like me, depending on various things, they could come out as
'mathematical small bold k mathematical small bold a mathematical small bold r mathematical small bold a',
'letter 126b letter 17dj letter 13y7dwiz'
or nothing at all.
I'm not sure off the top of my head how they appear on a Braille display but it's bound to be a right mess.
I don't particularly call any of those pretty, do you?
Plain boring text that is accessible to everyone is the new pretty.

@xyzzy get bag

@xyzzy examine bag

@xyzzy x bag