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Hobbyist photographer in the Los Angeles area. Mostly landscapes, buildings and nature. Also on Mastodon at

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posting on the dead of night...

(OK, it's only about 10, but I spent way too much time on the road today and I'm exhausted.)

Seriously, thought, there were about a dozen hanging around in a parking lot and they had NO FEAR.

Possibly a Say's Phoebe. I had such a hard time getting the camera to focus on the bird and not all the branches around it!

A spotted over the weekend. Not sure what kind of flower it's hiding behind.

Those look really cool! (I have *got* to figure out why I'm not seeing notifications on Pixelfed. Also, apparently Pixelfed doesn't show images in comments, but I could see them if I went to your server.)
Faded guidelines.

Crescent moon and Mercury as seen a few nights ago. Venus had set below the hills a few minutes earlier. Not a great shot, but "the camera you have..." and all that.

Entradero Basin in spring and fall. The flood control basin has been partly restored for stormwater infiltration and as habitat for native plants and migrating waterfowl, bounded by a city park on one side, baseball fields on the other, and hills all around. The city is currently expanding the basin while the water level is low.