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Working to elect Democrats | Was Joe Biden's Director of Engineering | Built a lot of tech for Hillary Clinton | Rumored to have done a bunch of other computer things | My bots @CampaignEmailAI & @everyDotGov | Austin, TX

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💻🇺🇸 America Votes¹ are hiring Analytics Engineers,² Data Analysts,³ and Data Specialists.⁴


Check out this Sonic Boom Simulator at the NASA Langley Research Center.¹ These booths were "essentially airtight".² It looks like a Marty McFly shenanigan!


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"Microsoft has threatened to cut off access to its internet-search data, which it licenses to rival search engines, if they do not stop using it as the basis for their own artificial intelligence chat products [...] The company has told at least two customers that using its Bing search index [...] to feed their AI chat tools violates the terms of their contract"

about the Hippocratic License 3.0 (HL3): An Ethical License for Open Source Communities, which "aims to confront the potential harms and abuses technology can have on fundamental human rights. It empowers open source communities to establish a clear set of ethical standards that licensees must abide by in order to adopt their code."¹ There's a builder tool² that allows you to customize the license with specific areas of concern.


@simon wowwwwww!

@simon I noticed the link to the WolframAlpha plugin json in that thread. Is that always necessarily public? I see OpenAI supports auth, but it isn't clear to me whether that's only for API calls.

@simon Aha! What a wild failure-state, though!

@simon That "releases" example is pretty bad!

My very educated, very wealthy, very Republican in-laws in Ohio love to tell me how great Ronald Reagan was, and their go-to example is how he stood up to Iran and that Jimmy Carter was a coward. Anyway,

"If a work's traditional elements of authorship were produced by a machine, the work lacks human authorship and the Office will not register it."

"When an AI technology determines the expressive elements of its output, the generated material is not the product of human authorship."

"As a result, that material is not protected by copyright and must be disclaimed in a registration application."

@simon It's not doing anything different from other apps, it's that government X doesn't trust government Y.

@Gargron thank you for clarifying.

So did everyone on get that email from Eugen about the data breach, or just me?

Maybe this only impacted users who have (recently?) requested their data archive? Anyway, here's the email I got. @Gargron?

@jeffjarvis lol space-grade aluminum

"No losses will be borne by the taxpayers. Instead the money will come from the fees that banks pay into the Deposit Insurance Fund [...] The management of these banks will be fired [...] Investors in the banks will not be protected. They knowingly took a risk, and when the risk didn't pay off, investors lose their money [...] I'm going to ask Congress and the banking regulators to strengthen the rules."

President Biden's full remarks:

Rewinding the timeline of the past 96 hours, it's worth remembering that any time a Social Media Big Brain is yelling things like "Where is Powell? Where is Yellen? Where is Biden?" ... it's because they actually do have mind-worms that have conditioned them to think that posting is action. A few of them are already crediting central bank policy to their tweets. And it's always okay to mute or block big-platform people who set their metric to "can I see it".

“After receiving a recommendation from the boards of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Federal Reserve, Treasury Secretary Yellen, after consultation with the President, approved actions to enable the FDIC to complete its resolutions of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in a manner that fully protects all depositors, both insured and uninsured.”

@bobwyman @danielschuman Many ways to interpret that phrase "govern well", but perhaps you're looking for places like @paulsmith's Ad Hoc¹ or maybe Nava². You could be talking about and/or ? On that front I follow @danhon and @cydharrell and @rklau and @danachis and @waldoj and @krusynth and @allafarce, to name a few.


@simon New Bing, on the other hand, very clearly searches it’s index for article content when presented a url.

Kinda funny that it’s the night before and I haven’t seen a single NFT or crypto ad around the city. Last year every billboard, rideshare, and popup venue was wrapped and wallpapered with apes and punks and doges. I have seen one “go to college in the metaverse” house party on the ground floor of my building, though.

@Meyerweb It's weird! I've been messing with this too. I kindof got it back by clicking the playlist icon in the bottom right that appears on hover. This expanded the track list. I clicked it again to hide it, and now it's showing me the details 🤷‍♂️

@redrummy Never before used voice. I don't think the app even has microphone permissions. This seems like an intentional update.

Hmmmmm New on iOS is now defaulting to microphone input rather than keyboard

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