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@MonaApp Loving your app except that it keeps happening that even when a toot has a content warning, it shows in full in my feed (I have the content warning setting enabled). Sometimes the content warnings do hide the post, sometimes not. Saw some decidedly NSFW images in my feed this morning that I really didn’t want (even though they had content warnings) Is this a bug or is there something I can do my end?

@ellakaye You need to turn off “Sensitive Content“ display.

@MonaApp In my feed today there is a post with a Content Warning and an image. The image is showing, despite the CW. Expected behaviour is that when there is a CW, the text supplied by the poster when setting the CW shows, but nothing else. There is so much I love about Mona but the incorrect handling of toots with a CW is troubling. I have the content warning setting on and the sensitive content setting off. Is this something that will be fixed during the beta period?

@ellakaye Content warning and sensitive media can be configured separately by the post author. If the author want, they can add CW and disable sensitive media mark. As a viewer you can also configure them separately using the "Content Warnings” and “Sensitive Content” display settings.

@MonaApp Thanks for your reply but I don’t think that is the issue. The problem is that even when the author has set a CW and I have set the CW setting enabled, I can *still* see some of the post content. That seems to me either a bug or a design flaw in the app.

@ellakaye That’s Mastodon’s design choice/convention. Even with a CW, attached media are still allowed to be displayed.

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