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@MonaApp I have a puzzling🐞 from the latest beta.

When replying to a post, my ‘return’ key on the keyboard is replaced with a # key. This makes it impossible to insert a line break in my text.

The only workaround seems to be to switch the keyboard into numbers/symbols mode.

If this is actually the intended functionality/UI design, can we please have an option to turn it off as it’s adding needless friction to the flow of simply writing a post ⌨️

Edited 4d ago

@ffScala Hi you can tap “123” on the new keyboard then “return.” Alternatively, you can revert to the original keyboard, by opening the Accessibility Settings and turning off Social Keyboard.

@MonaApp Oh thanks a million for the tip. As a UX designer myself, I’d suggest that ‘social keyboard’ be off by default as the label is not enough to explain the functional differences between the 2 keyboards.

I searched the settings before posting and couldn’t find it - well I saw it but didn’t realise the functionality.

Thanks a million though 🙏🏻