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Today’s Mona Beta update:
• Adds new customization options in app theme editor for iPhone and iPad: top bar background, sidebar background, unselected tab on sidebar, and status bar text color
• The post action “open in new window“ now opens post from remote server
• Adds user relationship indicator on post view
• Adds an Accessibility option on iPhone and iPad, that moves Send button to the top bar. Enabled by default for VoiceOver users

Available now in Mona Beta:
• De-duplicates reblogs on timeline
• Truncates long posts on timeline
• Shows indicator for media description (alt text)
• Improves follower request handling
• Adds “open in browser“ action to user action menu
• Supports setting alternate lists for multiple accounts on your pinned lists on tab bar
• Makes timeline filters (a bit) smarter
• Adds timeline filter options for mentions, sensitive content, and long posts

Edited 17d ago

On macOS, you can now use Continuity Camera on post composer, to capture and attach photos from your iPhone or iPad. You can now also use the “Services” feature in more places with just keyboard shortcuts.

On iOS, with extended support for iOS 12, Mona Beta can now be used on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, making the Mastodon experience accessible to even more people around the world.

Today’s update also adds preliminary support for non-Mastodon instances.

iCloud reading position sync is now enabled on the latest Mona Beta update. Please update the app on all your devices, because the new sync engine is not compatible with old versions of Mona Beta. This update also resolves a VoiceOver focus issue on Mac.

Today’s Mona Beta update:
• Add keyboard shortcuts to hide/show sidebar and bottom tab bar on Mac
• Truncates long posts on timelines
• You can now send longer posts from supported non-Mastodon instances
• Link preview will no longer be displayed on posts with a content warning
• Fixes incorrect line breaking for Akkoma instances

@MonaApp what’s the keyboard shortcut? I can’t find it cause I’m tired apparently😂🤦‍♂️

@jeremydebose Shift-Command-L

@MonaApp Thanks. Looks so much cleaner now! Only thing we’ll need now is an easy way to jump to top🤞

@jeremydebose You can command-up to scroll to top, or click the selected tab bar icon.

@MonaApp Awesome. I meant is there a way to click when I hide the tab bar? Command Up helps tremendously though!

@jeremydebose Yes, with keyboard shortcuts available on Menu Bar > View menu.