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Currently Analyst/Advisor/Consultant - ex Amazon, Battery Ventures, Netflix, eBay, Sun, CCL. Adding sustainability to DevOps, making strange noises, and sharing

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@adron @tlockney Thanks for the heads-up on Ren. Have you seen Michael Pamisiano’s reaction and analysis? He deeply gets it. He reviewed Chalk Lines first then Hi Ren.

@jbminn I wouldn’t be less nice, but you could probably put out some asks to your network, and see what comes along. I chat to VCs regularly and make sure I tell them what I’m looking for.

@jbminn I’ve also been helpful to VCs over the years, and in return have had opportunities to get shares for advisory positions or to invest as well as some nice chats over dinner. So perhaps you should be leveraging your contacts to get a return?

@jbminn I have a bunch of VCs that form a similar trusted network, and a few that are closer friends. I also worked for a VC firm for a few years and one thing I realized is that they are fundamentally finance companies, not technology companies. People who like to work in finance are wired to be more interested in money than tech. That said, the VC world is a people business based on trust. If you want a VC to invest in you they have to trust you more than your idea.

@lkanies That sucks, hope it works out ok, best wishes!

@MonaApp Thanks for the app! I’ve tried several and have settled on Mona for the last few weeks.

@MonaApp Would it be possible to add a reverse flow option so that we can read from top to bottom in time order?

@norootcause We didn’t overlap much at Netflix but worked together at Sun on a few things.

@norootcause Awesome post. Say hi to Amer from me, haven’t seen him for years :-)

@markcarter That was a long and interesting read. The “other” way to do cost savings is my specialty - driving up utilization from very low averages to something more reasonable, usually 2-4x gain. The finance and capacity people aren’t usually looking at that data deeply enough.

@postwait We’ll be there in a few weeks, looking forward to local recommendations around the town…

@timbray Another Meme-to-be: “I’m sorry, but you don’t understand your question…”

@jkriggins I’m enjoying not caring what my (non-existent) PR department thinks I shouldn’t be doing.

@jkriggins Hi again!

@stuartmarks I’m not sure what tune the LG washer plays, but my childhood ice cream van tune was Greensleeves.

@jrconlin Someone has made an induction oven that has a big battery in the base so it can run on a regular power outlet (so you don’t need to run a big new wire to your breaker panel) that trickle charges it, and that has a spare outlet for keeping a fridge going during power outages…

@stuartmarks Our washing machine plays the same kind of ice cream truck jingle I remember from growing up in the UK. In other news, we eat more ice cream on wash day…

@petrillic To the Republicans Woke means anything Democrats like, so anything based in California counts. But to Democrats Woke means trying to be considerate to everyone. Maybe that’s the problem?

@petrillic Back in 2015 or so I was briefly an advisor to Docker. One of the main things I advised them to do then was invest in carefully developing Dockerhub as a trusted App Store that could be monetized like Apple’s App Store. They didn’t get it and invested in other things until it was too late. This is far too late and clumsy to work now.

The online event started today with @adhorn giving the opening keynote. Lots of great talks. I’m giving tomorrow’s opening keynote at 8:30am Pacific Time, looking at Continuous Resilience and making it part of your default processes.

@hkrn No mention in this story of the carbon content of chips as an issue. The scope 3 content of computers is dominated by the silicon in SSDs, CPUs and RAM…

@dtauvdiodr @unknown8bit @jzitt @c_reider @flockofnazguls @renice Challenge accepted @dtauvdiodr

1. Post a great album with no explanation
2. Tag others to do the same: @Adron @AlgoCompSynth @jessitron

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@norootcause Good stuff. I also think that lack of attention to operator interaction models is one of the biggest causes of extended outages.

@lkanies They were a very good personal bank. I only every used them for that. Bank wires were free (most banks charge $30 or so), daily limits on what you can do were higher, mobile check cashing limit was $50K, my regular bank it’s $10K. Anyway, we’re clearing out our account this week.