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Aurynn Shaw

Your friendly neighbourhood Cloud Island administrator.

Aotearoa New Zealand immigrant.

Pōneke resident.

Founder of Does DevOps, culture, and tells you how security impacts everything you design.

Yes, I'm that Aurynn:

Tech culture commentator.

Your cutest cyberpunk trans pocket friend.

Moth girl. Occasional voidkin.

#nobot #noarchive

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@buzzy depends, I guess

@a maybe small is good enough

@lotographia am sleep 💤


@timbray Oh no

@aethylred terraform is the answer to a number of questions, but not all of them

staring at the code console going "I should do ... something"

@pearofdoom @simon_w I have all this technology for it too

an important part of being an admin of an instance that you may not immediately realise is that your users may rely on your instance being up during an emergency.

That's a heavy responsibility.

@simon_w @pearofdoom I would definitely take their lots of money

@evolutionise You're allowed to just recover

@varx ah, yes, thanks

@futzle ahhh yeah that'll do it

@futzle given the lack of anyone telling me about actual apologies, I'm not going to either.

just learned about an analytics package for Mastodon and I'm like, welp I need to go sign up for that so I can post an nginx block to block the UA

given the lack of anyone telling me about apologies, gonna go with "no, no they're still bad"

@varx @wonkothesane I've already suspended them both because transphobia

@vyr @david wouldn't surprise me if they did

@david I know that Parker apologised but I never saw Journa's apology

@wonkothesane Well since I have journa defed'd here, you'd have to ask for me

I haven't heard about any apologies

@zkat I've got this like "oh maybe I have to let people have access to this part of the fedi for being able to pay attention to news sources" thing I'm thinking I guess

@SapphicLawyer you're not wrong

did they ever even apologise for being transphobic or is it just lol we're transphobes lol