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Jeff Forcier

Please see my pinned intro post below, & 😊

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@simon Sounds like that’s not a useful test:

@andrew we take our freedom VERY seriously here

TIL! and TIL that once in a blue moon, discussions dot apple has _useful information in it_! 😂

You _can_ make macOS not dim the clock when a Focus is active - just have to make sure Focus itself is also in the menubar:

This was a really dumb reason I was avoiding using Focuses for things like "hide my phone's work apps after work hours". No more!

All right, I'm officially done with these Vornado evaporative style humidifiers, our water is so hard the wicks get half dried out wicked fast and then algae or something grows on the margin between the wet and dry parts of the wick.

In like 3-5 days from a rinse/dry/new-wick reset, tops.

Strongly considering trying a "wet mist humidifier" / vaporizer type instead, in hopes the boiling of the water and lack of a wick will lead to longer period before stinky.

I expect that like my actual teakettle, I'll have to descale the things often due to the hard water, but at least that's presumably an efficiency thing and not a "now my office smells faintly of bayou" thing.

Could potentially just use distilled water in either humidifier type, and I might, but that's even more bullshit I don't wanna deal with.

Really need to just bite the bullet and get a whole-house water softener (or maybe RO if I wanna be fancy).

Edited 5d ago

@webology Hm, I read that those algae killers tend not to work super well. Not like it's a huge outlay to try presumably.

I need to fix the hard water issue first tho, an algae free humidifier that still barely does the job because the wick's hard, is still Not It.

Why are humidifiers so fucking difficult, I just want my skin to not be cracking and my nasal passages unscabbed. 😩

@ntnsndr Depends a lot on the irony/cynicism level of the complimenter!

Insufficiently aware folks might use the phrase positively.

Those who have been around a while, and notice all the awful crap self-identified "first-principles thinkers" inflict on the world? They'd be using it in the derogative sense 😂

@onelson so, a calzone?

Using #vim bindings in #Obsidian is really showing me how I oughtta set up reliable autosave in real-vim. My muscle memory wants to mash :w (or my leader binding for same - space-s) seemingly dozens of times a minute. Not very efficient!

Edited 32d ago

Speaking of #Obsidian, I'm still trying to wrap my head around mind mapping with it.

Tags get you partway there but are a li'l clunky both on input & use.

There's an implicit tugging towards full-on notes holding lists of links, which yields the same connective tissue as tags but can themselves be tagged/filed/etc.

There's an enshrinement of the concept, MOC (Map of Content), often using the "SQL-query your notes" dataviews plugin. (which itself then often wraps around to…searching for tags!)

I do wonder how much of this #Obsidian MOC/dataviews thing ends up being a band-aid for the lack of a richer "list all my notes tagged with blah" UX.

Right now, that list is relegated purely to a sidebar search results mode, and tends to be noisy by default too (showing the tags as an excerpt of the note, though that can be toggled).

So having auto-updating full notes listing "everything tagged w/ blah" is probably a bit more readable.

Random social media client feature idea: "turn off boosts from this user for X time" (similar to how Twitter, or at least Tweetbot, let me completely mute a user for a few hours, days etc).

Or even more targeted, "mute posts linking to X URL".

If I follow someone, I probably already read their recent article, I don't need to see them boosting dozens of other people praising that same article!

@PaulM @glyph for sure, same here, but this is an individual who otherwise posts good content & is also an important figure on my instance, so it's an edge case ;)

@PaulM @glyph probably, except I accidentally took @takahe out of the convo. welcome back!

@PaulM @glyph @takahe this feels semi adjacent to my desire (posted a week or so ago) to implement “consolidate boosts from the same user which link to the same url” (ie self-promotional RT spam) 🤔

It's time for my periodic "do you do anything Linux-adjacent? you should throw @LWN a few bucks! they are heckin' awesome!" announcement, by way of subscriber share link.

How meta: it's about #ActivityPub / #Mastodon / #Pleroma / etc!

Pull quote that makes me sad about #Pleroma: "Many unmoderated 'free speech maximalist' servers also run Pleroma, and some of its developers are active in those communities."

Time to get even more excited about @takahe !

@andrew Okay, but how many emojis did you use?