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@PaulM @glyph for sure, same here, but this is an individual who otherwise posts good content & is also an important figure on my instance, so it's an edge case ;)

@bitprophet @glyph so... What I'm hearing is that we need programmable filters/consolidators as a first class feature? :D

@PaulM @glyph probably, except I accidentally took @takahe out of the convo. welcome back!

@bitprophet @PaulM @glyph It's fine, we only learned how to even parse reply threads last week!

On topic - deduplicating boosts is something that's on the roadmap Quite Soon and is not very hard to do, since we already dedupe posts internally. Arbitrary programmable post hooks are something best left for a plugin system, though!

@PaulM @glyph @bitprophet (swapping myself in here because apparently, Takahē doesn't like Paul's handle for some reason - we'll get that fixed)