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Using bindings in is really showing me how I oughtta set up reliable autosave in real-vim. My muscle memory wants to mash :w (or my leader binding for same - space-s) seemingly dozens of times a minute. Not very efficient!

Edited 73d ago

Speaking of , I'm still trying to wrap my head around mind mapping with it.

Tags get you partway there but are a li'l clunky both on input & use.

There's an implicit tugging towards full-on notes holding lists of links, which yields the same connective tissue as tags but can themselves be tagged/filed/etc.

There's an enshrinement of the concept, MOC (Map of Content), often using the "SQL-query your notes" dataviews plugin. (which itself then often wraps around to…searching for tags!)

I do wonder how much of this MOC/dataviews thing ends up being a band-aid for the lack of a richer "list all my notes tagged with blah" UX.

Right now, that list is relegated purely to a sidebar search results mode, and tends to be noisy by default too (showing the tags as an excerpt of the note, though that can be toggled).

So having auto-updating full notes listing "everything tagged w/ blah" is probably a bit more readable.

@bitprophet breadcrumbs + juggl is where it’s at for mind mapping, both of which ignore tagging. There’s also Excalibrain, which does use tags