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Random social media client feature idea: "turn off boosts from this user for X time" (similar to how Twitter, or at least Tweetbot, let me completely mute a user for a few hours, days etc).

Or even more targeted, "mute posts linking to X URL".

If I follow someone, I probably already read their recent article, I don't need to see them boosting dozens of other people praising that same article!

@bitprophet +1 - I have stop following boosts from dozens of people because of this and "bring the Twitter drama RTs" to here.

@bitprophet What's weird for me is seeing my _own toots_ in boosts on my timeline, because Mastodon doesn't filter those out.

@offby1 @bitprophet I am looking forward to the @takahe version so I can eventually fix the things that annoy me.

@webology @bitprophet @takahe the problem for me is that my problem is an instance-level one; I'm not likely to try migrate the Shop's users over to a new platform :D

@offby1 @bitprophet @takahe I don't blame you. As a non-shop user who setup webfinger a few days ago, I am looking forward to having my own server to sandbox.

@webology @bitprophet @takahe I'm trying to decide if I want to migrate away from Pelican so that I can get webfinger on my own host.

@offby1 @bitprophet @takahe I set mine up with Jekyll so it's already doable with Pelican ->

That said, I am probably doing to use this as an excuse to play around with a Cloudflare worker to handle it dynamically. This feels like a reasonable compromise vs. a catchall approach.

@webology @bitprophet @takahe Yeah, CloudFlare is a no-go for me for reasons of politics, but ... it's probably worth seeing if Lambda can do it.

@offby1 @bitprophet @takahe totally respectable. We have to look past a lot for any cloud provider IMO

@webology @bitprophet @takahe so very, very true.