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Blind, hard of hearing, one-handed hemiplegic and some would say may be a little eccentric. Owner-operator of VIPB Solutions (PTY) LTD, providing training and technical support to the Blind and Visually impaired. Happily married to the best wife a guy can ever ask for, except, she's not on Mastodon yet. All opinions expressed are, or reflect my own and does not have anything to do with my professional life.

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@MonaApp Do the keyboard shortcuts work exactly the same on iOS as they do on iPad and macOS? Not that I have any of the above mentioned, except the iPhone, of course. if they do, would you please kindly post those keyboard shortcuts somewhere? Whether it be in a help file, or a blog post?

I really like the fact that @MonaApp seems to have keyboard shortcuts for when you use your iPhone with an external bluetooth keyboard. Is there documentation for Mona or Spring?

@MonaApp I was having a play with the app last night, and couldn’t find a way for you to view the people you are following. how do you actually do this? Am I just missing something?