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nerd, weirdo, person, whatever. i enjoy bad puns and you will see them. i also like going off on random tangents about tech, movies, or other random things of interest. fun activities include having mental health and flight simulation.

you may enjoy my work on mediawiki & wikipedia, or my wacky webassembly codecs. i hope for a world where computers help people instead of hurting them so much.

formerly of and (so it goes)

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Remember this?

urgh, something in the hjet doesn't like my throttles


we got to move these autoloaders
we got to move the associative arrays

i want my
i want my
i want my php....

love that in windows 11 the 'xbox wireless adapter' shows up under 'ethernet' in the networking settings*

* this is probably because the pre-bluetooth xbox one controller protocol is a custom 2.4 GHz wifi-based protocol

can i just say that while i appreciate that amazon making their 'your order shipped' emails not include a picture or description of your order is probably some kind of privacy thing, it's also *really annoying* because i rely on context cues like that to figure out what the fuck did i order anyway?

hm, no it's probably not about privacy it's probably to get you to log in and maybe buy another thing while there

risc-v computer gibberish

@xorn @DougWar40k Sword of Damocles called, it wants its metaphor for dangerous technology back

Food Network Tournament of Champions

"base64 wasm in a data URI in JS source" is the new "machine language routine in DATA statements in a BASIC listing"

Food Network Tournament of Champions

@bugaevc yes! that's awesome, thanks for the link assist :D

if microsoft was based in louisiana instead of washington they'd have a secret policy of embrace, extend, and etouffee

risc-v computer gibberish

because posts cannot pass directly through the neutral zone between the federation and the romulan star empire, ad-hoc cross-border info channels have to be constructed via screenshots

@DougWar40k i have to admit, computers are pretty fucking metal

Food Network Tournament of Champions

computers are literally made by inscribing magic spells in sand to summon daemons

Food Network Tournament of Champions

cat 1: dum dee doo, i'm just being a cat

cat 2: *slowly inches forward then pounces*

expectation: wrestling match

reality: one slow cat-on-cat hug from behind, held for a couple seconds and released peacefully


@mos_8502 yes... ha ha ha... yes!!

@mos_8502 nice :D

according to long-running legend an early version of the Mac (?) UI used "DoIt" instead of "OK" as the default dialog button label but somebody complained the computer was calling them a "dolt"

i do not know if this is true, but i confirmed that others have heard the same legend on a cursory web search