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Django (& PSF) Fellow. I work mainly on and with the Django web framework. When I’m not doing that it’s parenting, cooking, and philosophy. He/him

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@simon lovely piece. Your voice really comes through reading it. πŸ₯°

Pretty sure the "EU Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2)" **does not** require me to re-enter my password and 2FA creds EVERY SINGLE TIME I change a view.

Related: do we think anyone from Stripe actually uses their own website or mobile app? πŸ€”

No wonder they keep having to raise capital. πŸ’Ά

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Thanks @matthiask πŸ€—

Thanks @paulox πŸš€

@jwa @wsvincent Would love to see them! People threaten, but it never seems to happen 😜

@wsvincent There were some of the bits removed like form tools, and comments… but GFBVs were the big one I guess.

(In case you're wondering, IMO: The old GFBVs weren't fun.)

@wsvincent Thanks sweetheart 😊

@wsvincent they were deprecated in 1.3 and removed in 1.5.

Here's the deprecation note from the 1.3 release notes:

Not sure asking these things factual questions is very wise.

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@Migueldeicaza it’s OK. There’s a new Copilot beta coming up πŸ˜…

@dmenis @django @djangonews @djangochat According to the latest survey, 81% use the DTL.

@nemecek_f ah nice. I hadn’t seen that. (Have to admit to being pathologically unable to watch videos though 😬)

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Weeknotes: Winding down, getting ready.

django-filter 23.1 is now available on PyPI.

Highlights include new and improved translations and your all-important Trove classifier for the upcoming Django 4.2. βœ…

Update at your leisure. Enjoy πŸ’ƒ

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@davidsmith This may mean I'm deploying off of django/main until December πŸ˜…

People say the UK economy isn’t working. I think it is.

If you take a hit to competitiveness (such as Brexit) you have to cut real incomes.

You can either do that with unemployment or inflation. Unemployment hurts more. The UK economy was built around flexibility to avoid that.

So inflation. All going to plan.

@adamchainz I hadn’t read that. Looks good too!

I enjoyed Grid Garden, as I was able to complete it in what otherwise would have been β€œI’m too tired for something new” time.

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@jeremygibson It’s amazing isn’t it 🀩

TIL: My favourite resources for learning CSS Grid.

@erinrachel Thank you for posting! πŸ₯³

Thought for the weekend:

> … we are the heirs of a legacy of creative protest.

Martin Luther King Jr, quoted in

@felixxm The day is young. There's still time! ⏰

@erinrachel Great post! I enjoyed the About You section at the bottom too πŸ™‚

@eevee In my day we just called those "comments" πŸ₯³

But saying that, as I stare yet again at a …

> "widget" is not a known member of "None"

… all I really want is decent type inference in Python.

We can but dream.

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