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@MonaApp ‘Bug’ report: On Mac, after pressing cmd-n, it takes ~100-150ms for the ‘new post’ window to come up, whereas I’d like it to come up faster. Compare to Chrome, which can open a new browser window in about half that. Mona Beta 5 (39830), M1 Max, 13.1 (22C65)

@paul Yeah, I know the quotes aren’t “real”, but Ice Cubes and Mona seem to be trying to make them into a client-side ad-hoc standard. Good to know about images.

Some results:

- Ice Cubes shows it inline like a Twitter quote tweet.
- Mastodon web UI and Mastonaut (old version) show a box with the page title and domain, but no toot contents.
- Ivory doesn’t show a box, just a truncated URL, despite showing a box for most links. Not sure what’s going on there.

Testing, testing. I’m using @IceCubesApp to quote a random toot. Does the toot contents show up inline for you or do you have to click through?

From: @w7voa

@spv @mjg59 Is that module FSP?

@DanielMicay “-w but for comments” would be pretty close to ideal*, but unfortunately -G is not it. The granularity is too low: it shows or hides entire hunks depending on whether they contain any lines that match the regex, unlike -w which works line-by-line (or even within lines if --word-diff is passed).

* Not quite ideal because an ideal solution would also understand multiline comments.

Tools I wish I had: git diff --stat, but ignoring comments.

If I refactor some code and the new version is Slightly More Correct but several hundred lines of code longer, then that’s a bit of a red flag. Longer code is often harder to understand and maintain, and has more space for bugs to lurk. Maybe there’s a simpler way to get the correctness I was after?

But if it’s only longer because I added comments, that’s almost always a pro, not a con. So I don’t want to count those.

@paul (to clarify: I know that’s separate from the free tier, just making fun of the attitude)

@paul “Just” $100/month

@paul lol, Elon changed course *again*?

I suspect they wouldn’t consider a Mastodon crossposter to be “good” though.

*checks Twitter profile*
My Mastodon-Twitter crossposter bot is still running, but if news reports are accurate, it will stop working in 4 days when Twitter removes free API access. Probably a good thing. At this point, with Tweetbot down, I haven’t even been checking my mentions. Working around the disappeared API would be fun from a technical perspective, but right now I’m just feeling spiteful and ready to move on.

@paul Not an expert, but apparently HDMI 2.1 goes up to 48 Gbps aka 6 GB/s, which would only require 2 lanes of PCIe 5, or 4 lanes of PCIe 4. So I assume not. (PCIe 6 could do it in a single lane!)

*peeks head out in 2023*

Still no HDMI 2.1 capture cards. But they’re coming, according to (written last month).