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🇧🇷 I’m a lifelong learner, who is into books, technology, lean and lean IT, data science, digital business and platforms, note taking, personal knowledge management, languages and TV series. I’m also an occasional roguelike dungeon crawler and ETS2 trucker.

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I’m a little lost in @MonaApp right now. Is it possible to edit and add new timeline filters? If so, what’s the step by step?

@carnage4life as someone who’s dealt with lean principles, two words come to mind: inventory and waste. And stock in itself, coming from overproduction, is a waste in itself.

Man… gotta say this. Kudos to @dimillian because @IceCubesApp is the catchiest notification sound there is ❤️

@IceCubesApp icons, icons, icons! Gotta catch ‘em all.

Timeline scrolling has gotten waaaaay better in @icecubesapp 1.5.3. Shout out to @dimillian, who’s been relentlessly developing the client and making it better by the day 👍👍

@dimillian @icecubesapp it’ll be amazing just as everything you’ve been implementing. Thanks for the quick reply :)

@dimillian do you have any opinions on adding the ability to share a post as an image using @icecubesapp?

@dimillian @icecubesapp totally understand it. I hope some time it becomes a feasible option. Thanks for the answer :)

@dimillian @icecubesapp I know that by long pressing a post you get access to options such as copying its text, what’s very useful. I was thinking here, though, that when viewing an individual post, there could be a way to drag and select only individual parts of its content to be copied… like when you go and view it in the browser. Do you think it’d be possible to implement it in IceCubes, as to reduce friction?

@dimillian @icecubesapp I see, and noticed the new behavior. It’s just that I thought of that as a feature, in the likes of what BazQux reader does with feed items: by pressing keys such as J and K you can see next or last item in a row. I got a very nice experience with the arrow you had, but if it needed to go, it’s all right too :)

@dimillian @icecubesapp where is the small arrow that used to be at the top, near the number of unread posts that, when tapped, revealed one post at a time? Loved that, don’t know if it became a toggle in options…

@ivory @andyn Ok. This. Is. Awesome. TIL.

@ivory thaaaaaank you!! Best Christmas gift :)

@ivory I was also refreshing relentlessly here and couldn’t get my slot.