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Came to the fediverse in the 2017 Twitter flock, joined a co-op instance because I had vague positive feelings about co-ops through my interest in socialism.

Now I work full time for a worker-owned co-op I helped start. Cooperatives are a helluva drug.

New dad. Love cooking, VR games, and SFF.

We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable – but then, so did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings.

He/him. TERFs and Nazis: DNI/DNR

This is a member of another server. See their original profile βž”

Cops say you sharing footage of how they treated you causes them "humiliation, ridicule, mental distress, embarrassment and loss of reputation."

Taking down @guppegroups for an infrastructure upgrade

@guppegroups and we're back. Nice and smooth πŸ˜…

Okay please Takahe again try using the new server, e.g. @test

@simon @emmah @librarianshipwreck @danhon
Thanks, Simon 😊

@literally @takahe Guppe has such an extraordinary amount of traffic now it's really hard to find things in the logs. I'm planning to put up a test server soon for debugging federation