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Occasional DjangoCon organizer, soccer and football fan, home cook and brewer, hobbyist cyclist, peak dad, general nerd. He/him

After nearly 3 years and almost 5900 miles, my road bike (2011 specialized tarmac SL2) has decided it's done. It was my first "real" bike and has taken me farther than I ever thought I could go on two wheels. Naturally both my gravel bike (derailleur hanger) and mountain bike (weird hitch in the pedaling) are also having problems. Ugh I hate everything.

If anyone has leads in a 56-58 cm road bike, let me know.

My usual disclaimer when I'm sending someone untested code: I take no responsibility for the plagues this code will bring upon your houses for the next millennia

@drew argh, looks like no

@drew did the alt text not save?

It was a beautiful morning for a hike today.

@djangocon @lacey @EmojiMeadow @drew and refreshing my feed in the morning definitely shows the posts out of order. Nice!

PSA to those of you who may be flying to @djangocon: there's a 2.5 hour Amtrak ride from Charlotte (American Airlines hub) to Durham that runs 5x/day.

This is delightfully Quebeçois

@glasnt that's a very emo day even without the music.

It's time for DCUS23!

Today's factle has me questioning my life's choices

@olly this was deleting some automatically generated code that was supposed to be ignored in the first place

Well this is a fun day

Hoping my friends at Google dodged today's layoffs (alongside this week at Amazon/Microsoft/etc)

@admin congrats!

Important news:

The US Army Corps of Engineers releases a cat calendar

@simon Hey Simon!

Bernie sleeps in the strangest positions

@aniseed I posted an issue on GitHub:

@admin Yes, the android app, sorry. I'll file on github today and hop in discord tomorrow. Thanks!

@aniseed Same here (on Android 13 on my Pixel 6 Pro)

@admin what's the preferred means of sending app-related feedback? I tried uploading a profile pic via and it failed with a generic "upload failed"

Hello world?