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wielder of digital duct tape. toots about politics and techie things 👩🏻‍💻. this is my personal account, you can follow my professional account @effye. i run too. toots my own.

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Things just suck.

Trans people are under attack, help us to fight back

It’s a difficult week at Thoughtworks. Some of my colleagues are now looking for new opportunities.

If you’ve worked with us before you know what we’re capable of.
And if you haven’t yet, well, my colleagues are the brightest, most talented people I've had the privilege to work with.

If you have open roles for developers, BAs, XDs, product people, or any shaped technologist especially in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or remote - please share them with me so I can pass them along to affected coworkers.

I now have a bunch of Thoughtworks Australia colleagues who are looking for work.

If you know of any opportunities I can pass along to them, please reach out.

@liaizon damn it, why don't FakeUnicode have a fediverse account yet?

@ivory Will you make the Testflight available for MacOS users at some point? (Not asking for a Mac app, just that the iOS app be allowed to run on Apple Silicon Macs)

@liaizon @hypolite Short-term, migrating to glitch-soc fork is easy and unlocks some neat stuff.

This is a formatted toot, look at all the formatting this toot offers.

@takahe Awesome, wanted to check because it's been topical recently for things like relays and instance info sites.

@takahe does that API support include /api/v1/instance?

We're up to 20 servers hooked up to our little gay Emoji