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Experimenting with the ActivityPub Plugin for WordPress and how it interacts with various Fediverse platforms, without cluttering up my main blog with test posts! Mastodon: Website:

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Just another formatting test to see what gets preserved by other platforms. Mostly the same one I posted on Akkoma earlier.

There are bulleted lists
At least I think there are
GoToSocial may be the only one I’ve used that has this

code blocks are super helpful for programming and command-line discussions

You can also have inline_code which may or may not show up

Numbered items
Degrade gracefully
As long as they’re short.

Who wrote this blockquote?

I keep writing more of these. I finally just copied the text into a Nextcloud note so I can paste it the next time I test this.

Wondering if mentioning will go anywhere….

GotoSocial and Calckey both let you compose some formatting using Markdown, and one of the elements they allow are preformatted code blocks using this format:

```Line one does somethingThe next line does something elseand so on.```

They seem to encode it as

your code block

, which makes sense, and they’re willing to read each others’ code blocks, though they didn’t accept the


block that WordPress used, or the plain code block now that I think about it, which makes me wonder why I’m even running this test.

I guess the next step is going to be to see what this actually pushes out in ActivityPub.

Let’s see what bold new formats will actually get preserved when this is read on Mastodon and other Fediverse platforms!

Seriously, I’m checking…


At some point I want to set up….


I should test Bookwyrm too, now that I think about it, and Pixelfed, though IIRC it has trouble.

Experimenting with the ActivityPub Plugin for WordPress and how it interacts with various Fediverse platforms, without cluttering up my main blog with test posts! Mastodon: @KelsonV Website:

I think code snippets and strikethrough (and maybe insertions?) should show up on some platforms too, now, though I’m not sure which…

Right, code blocks…

#!/bin/bashecho "Hello World"

Guess I’ll have to do some image tests next time!

Oddly, the Article didn’t show up at all for GoToSocial. Maybe I’m misremembering that it was able to follow? Or that GTS can display Articles?

This should not have any formatting in it, just plain text,… Continue reading Summary Posts

This should be sharing the content, possibly with formatting, title and link (maybe not even title?), so let’s take a look!

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Upgraded Notes (Now with Formatting(tm)!)

Reported the formatting issue where the HTML sanitizer was a bit too zealous, and the plugin author suggested using WordPress’ built-in sanitizing rules for posts. It looks like it should be OK, at least with the platforms I’ve tried out so far. Mastodon is still going to strip out everything but links, but…

Bulleted lists should persist in GoToSocial
Block quotes, bold and italic should persist in GoToSocial and Calckey
Bulleted lists should be converted to line-break lists in Mastodon, Calckey and Takahe.
Code blocks should persist in at least GoToSocial

preformatted blocks should persist at least in GoToSocial

Experimenting with the ActivityPub Plugin for WordPress and how it interacts with various Fediverse platforms, without cluttering up my main blog with test posts! @KelsonV

So this should be a small improvement for Mastodon and Takahe (though a critical one where lists are used in the post) and a bigger improvement for Misskey forks and GoToSocial.

At some point I need to set up some more test accounts using at least:


And see how well Pixelfed can follow this.

Hmm, next time I linkblog about something interesting enough to share, I should see if posting to a Lemmy group works…

For the Articles

I’ve tested how federation works with various platforms with the WordPress ActivityPub plugin in Note mode. That’s intended for short posts like a tweet or a short Facebook status, and since most of the Fediverse grew out of social network platforms, that’s what most of them use — which means most of them can also read that type of activity!

There’s no size limit in the spec, and in practice, Notes are only limited by the composing software. And even that is typically configurable. There are Mastodon instances that will let you write more than 500 characters. (GRRM needs one of those, I think.) GoToSocial, Misskey and  Pleroma all default to longer limits, and you can set them to allow even longer posts. So you can generally read a longer post in anything.

This isn’t really a quote from another article, I’m just testing to see whether the fact that it’s a quote is preserved at all. Because if it’s not, it could change the meaning of the post if it’s not clear from context someone else said this.

More than Notes

But a longer blog post doesn’t really fit the model. Not just that it’s long. It probably has a title, maybe an excerpt, maybe subheadings, tables or inline images. That’s what ActivityPub’s Article type is for.

Off the top of my head:

Bookwyrm uses Article for reviewsPlume and WriteFreely use Article for blog posts

The problem is that not every platform handles Articles well. Mastodon will only show you the title with a link (and preview) to the original post, which is at least okay, but not fantastic. Some platforms don’t support it at all (yet!) That’s why the plugin I’m using defaults to using Note instead.

I’m trying to switch the settings to share posts as Articles or map the WordPress post type to the corresponding ActivityPub type. But I want to see how various platforms currently handle the article, images, etc. post types so I can

Report bugs where applicableDecide when (if) to make the same switch on my main blog.

…without breaking live compatibility or cluttering up the live site with test posts.

Unfortunately the settings don’t seem to be taking effect, and it’s still always sharing posts as Notes.

Apparently the latest default WordPress theme doesn’t support post types. I guess I’ll have to change themes to test the third mode for ActivityPub types.

I do not like the full site editor. I still hate the way block interaction works, and I really feel like I don’t know what’s actually on my site when I’m trying to use the site editor!

(In other news, wondering if @KelsonV or @ktv will see this post.)