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@MonaApp Oh thanks a million for the tip. As a UX designer myself, I’d suggest that ‘social keyboard’ be off by default as the label is not enough to explain the functional differences between the 2 keyboards.

I searched the settings before posting and couldn’t find it - well I saw it but didn’t realise the functionality.

Thanks a million though 🙏🏻

@MonaApp I have a puzzling🐞 from the latest beta.

When replying to a post, my ‘return’ key on the keyboard is replaced with a # key. This makes it impossible to insert a line break in my text.

The only workaround seems to be to switch the keyboard into numbers/symbols mode.

If this is actually the intended functionality/UI design, can we please have an option to turn it off as it’s adding needless friction to the flow of simply writing a post ⌨️

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@paul I’d choose a middle ground. Instead of showing a list of the suggestions, just show 2 options:
- Suggest some people to follow to start me off.
- Start from scratch, I’ll find people.

@MonaApp Great idea 💡 The more users the merrier. Mona get better with each release, happy days 😊

@caseynewton 🤦🏻‍♂️ Everybody’s copying everybody else.

@waltmossberg A great brand - I don’t see any reason to ‘retire’ it. Oh well.

@paul Who has the time to play with all these new apps…just settling into Mastodon.

@backlon Nice bit of sunshine ☀️

@mttvll Is there a dev, who is working on another Masto app that has already been approved, who can advise on your approval hiccup?

Perhaps this is has already been solved by them.

@paul Didn’t see that one coming eh 🤓

@JPEGuin It’s a fabulous app, you deserve high praise indeed 🌟

@JPEGuin Bravo 👏🏻

@marcoarment Yeah it’s great for very simple tasks like setting reminders, little else.

@chockenberry Hey - that’s fantastic 🌟 I’m really delighted it’s there, I really didn’t think it was.

Thanks a million for getting back, you’ve just made Tot about 100 times better for my daily use.

And to be honest, I don’t mind the location of the command at all…as long as it’s there.

@chockenberry does Tot have a searching 🔍 - I might be missing it 🤷🏻‍♂️

If not do you think it would ever be in the roadmap? 🗺️

@ivory I’d use this for a lot of heavy posters - superb feature. Please add this @MonaApp

@ivory Nice update, great work guys 👏🏻🌟

@mttvll The Mona app is going to be sold for a one time fee. $9 I think. I think a one time fee is best by far for the consumer.

The only time I’ll pay a subscription for software is if there is no choice in the market. Thank god there’s lots of choices in this particular market…I know where my cash will be spent, one time purchases ✅

It’s the subscription that’s kept me away from Ivory for example, even though I quite like it 💁🏻‍♂️

Edited 25d ago

@marcoarment Nice desktop backgrounds though 🎨

@falselogic Give us a slider perhaps 🤔

@koko @leo The new Apple Watch beta looks cool👌🏻

@anildash @siracusa Ha - I do get it but also, be careful what you wish for 🍿

@mttvll @woollyapp I love the UI design in Woolly but there’s one thing that prevents me from using it - the timeline scrolling is jerky

Is there any way to make it smooth on the latest iPhone Pros?

@paul @viticci 🍿That would be super🥤