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It's film_girl, but on Mastodon. I'm a Senior Developer Advocate at GitHub, a podcaster, a journalist turned developer and someone obsessed with tech, OSS, and pop culture.

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@Quinnypig RIP to a real one.

@chockenberry that’s so cool! What an amazing time to be there too!

@chockenberry that amazing! I never knew you were at Intel, how long did you work there?

@mmasnick @fraying people love to be dismissive of slippery slope arguments but sometimes it is a slippery fucking slope. Like boiling a frog. As someone who so deeply and completely loves the internet (the good so definitively outweighs the bad I won’t even partake in arguments to that pretend otherwise), seeing marginalized groups fight against preserving the internet for what it is makes me lose my mind.

RIP to the man. Moore’s Law, Forever.

@fraying there’s an insane amount of anti 230 people on this site and in circles where it is in their direct interest to fight for section 230 who don’t because of really bizarre arguments about stuff they don’t like that is also protected. I’ve given up trying to reason with them but I fear it will lead to us all losing.

Netflix reupped the Arrested Development contract! There’s always money in the banana stand. H/t @brothercasas

I love it when I get allergic reactions out of nowhere. Like, I’m just sitting here but now I’ve got hives on my arm and my fingers and toes are swelling. And this is why I always keep Benadryl within reach.

FYI: ’s RSA SSH key was replaced. This won’t impact most users but if you do access GitHub via SSH using RSA, you’ll need to remove the old key from your keychain and add the new one. Details are here

@shanselman you're my favorite

@shanselman plz tell me you customized your icns file that way IRL

@paul oof! damn

@paul ohhhh TIL

@paul ffmpeg supports svg if you compile it with that flag, the issue is I'd need to concat all the frames/timings together. I ideally want somethign that can read the xml part of the SVG and output as video

Dear lazyweb: is there an easy way to convert an animated SVG to an mp4? I'm thinking there has to be a programatic way to do this but am failing. May have to record from screen but that feels wrong?

@paul if you have a trashcan Mac and are wanting to upgrade, you probably understand the heat issues lol. Nice tip!

@caseyliss cc @thomasfuchs - in-lieu of a true KVM, this is at least a one cord solution to go across machines.

@jwz oh hell yes!

@chockenberry I do what I can. I’m also very happy that typing “please no Willy Wonka” got me exactly the gif I was looking for.

@davew yeah, I can’t stand that aspect of Mastodon and it’s honestly what kept me from embracing it for months until we got good iOS clients. But I will be using both and although I like Mastodon a lot and have good engagement here, I’m not abandoning my memes/culture/friends I’ve spent 15+ years with. My decision to be here is absolutely not political — I just want to be able to talk to all my friends and have a good backup plan if/when Twitter really does break/die/get sold to PE fucks

I was today years old when I learned that @MicrosoftEdge had a sidebar feature that could hold PWAs. I've added to have Mastodon there too but this is way cool!

I definitely disagree with Oliver Stone on a lot of things but I fully agree with the thesis of this documentary and I've been arguing this for at least a decade privately.

@andypiper yeah, I would love to see that!

@andypiper nice!