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Python, Django, DevOps, Cooking, Cross-stitch, Emoji, Running (self and events). Adorkable. Not actually kiwi. Naarm (Melbourne). 🦜πŸͺ™
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After a week of , , and , my brain is full and needs time to process all the new.

My semi usual wrap up blog posts shall appear at some point!

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Thank you to the organisers who made this year's Melbourne happen!

You can find them all on the website

Oh hey it's @auxesis talking about DevOps Australia! ✨

"We need your help to run events. We will help with venue, budget, dates, and sponsors; just bring yourself."

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TIL Swords Comic ( is hosted on a framework written in Django!

@SvenDowideit this year marks 10 years since my first in Auckland, and having another osdc-style event got me right in the feels.

I hope someone pitches to bring it back next year, bigger and better.

Oh hey, it's @mattcen telling us about @pyconau!

Lightning talks continue to be amazing.

I didn't catch their name, but the conference just did a Still Alive sing-along 🀩

Lightning talks are amazing. Now @yaakov talking about national treasure @xssfox and RF radio s h e n a n i g a n s

"Surely you didn't think you'd escape without hearing me talk about Haskell" - a talk by @hackuador, of course.

"This is my first time running lightning talks, and I hope I'm not a disappointment for those who miss @chrisjrn " - Neill Cox,

Closing keynote is Rebecca Giblin, coauthor of with Cory Doctorow, a book that started with a conversation in a taxi from St Kilda to the city. She is dialing in at midnight from Austin, TX having just spoken at SXSW, as you do.

OH: "Python is a duct-taping duck-typing language."

I'm at Melbourne today.
I'm at today.

They aren't a combination devopsdays and everythingopen but are being held less than a mile away from each other so that's convenient for me.

@a congratulations!

@aurynn good morning ✨

OH: "Oh, I've got Pride Lite, you've got Pride Pro!"

AV is always fun.

@dtbell91 "Handmade Universe closed on Sunday 26 February 2023." 😭😭😭

OH: "What are applications but libraries out of control"

OH: "You could get ISO certification for a concrete life jacket as long as you could make it the same every time."

@Br3nda @Greebo that is a very important contribution!

Anon: "Pia, I'd change the name. "Policy Transformation" sounds like you to want to change the way we do things."
@Greebo: "... yes?"

Amazing talk about Regulation as Code (RaC), feat. OpenFisca,, and git commits from @Br3nda (hi!)

@honestrob with the power of the edit button, I'll get it fixed! (Much like your ladas?)

A huge thanks to all the sponsors at , including but not limited to "Honest" Rob's Used Car (and VoIP) Emporium.

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OH: "If you need to squee, please do so into your elbow."