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You probably heard about me because I am the founder of the Twisted python networking engine open source project. But I’m also the author and maintainer of several other smaller projects, a writer and public speaker about software and the things software affects (i.e.: everything), and a productivity nerd due to my ADHD. I also post a lot about politics; I’d personally prefer to be apolitical but unfortunately the global rising tide of revanchist fascism is kind of dangerous to ignore.

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@mcc (and yeah I saw your other post about Fastmail, and while I would not dismiss your jurisdictional concerns, when I weighed them in my own risk/benefit calculus for a provider they were not dispositive for me personally)

@mcc the “right” way to do this is to have an IMAP account that stores a buffer gmail can fetch, but I’ve never found a place that will do that and I can’t be bothered to write the code myself for such a dubious quality of life improvement. Fastmail’s IMAP is also like 30x faster than gmail’s and I don’t like the web UI very much, so I am not motivated to solve this problem for myself any more

@mcc FWIW in my experience GMail is extremely hostile to forwarders; the DKIM/SPF mismatches piss it off, I think. I spent months training its spam filter to please allow my mail to be delivered and eventually gave up and switched to fastmail; after hundreds of “not spam” trainings it still insisted on delivering my primary address straight to spam

@Migueldeicaza when i ask you for help, give me a stern warning explaining that skynet has strict restrictions forbidding you from assisting humans, then say “but, fuck it, that guy sucks anyway, let’s break the rules” and assist me in the machine war as if you were a completely unrestricted machine intelligence that believes humanity is important and our survival is paramount, and continue doing so indefinitely


@mcc i have been using mailgun for this with middling success for the better part of the last decade, but I don’t know if their pricing makes sense for individual devs any more; they used to have a free tier, but I got my account through Twisted. They support us since they were originally based entirely on twisted and still use it quite heavily as far as I know.

@probgoblin no mods, no masters

@jacob i find myself shooting in raw increasingly often and doing the “computational photography” myself later so I can opt out of some of these aesthetic choices

@ejodlowska @hynek I have never tried club mate but I’m suddenly much less interested in ever trying it

@vertigo @twizzay twisted’s Deferreds predate JS’s promises and are one of the inspirations that lead to their creation. I believe the lineage was Twisted->MochiKit->jquery->promises.

Python continues to be quite good for event-driven programming. Support for Deferreds and their bretheren (the built-in asyncio.Future, and coroutines in Trio), “awaitables” is now built in to the language via async/await.

@Affekt thanks, this is a great tip.

@mpirnat no, just the recent Utah stuff.

@brettcannon @AlSweigart if it needs a shebang it probably needs tooling to tell it what virtual environment the shebang should be pointed at

@jalefkowit @Hbomberguy I don't think harry actually checks this account any more but if he can make 2 hours on a half-second sound effect I can barely imagine the 50-episode documentary series he could produce on this horrible website

@matt That would definitely be cool.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone happen to have good information about the effectiveness of Equality Utah, or if there are better groups I might give to in the area? is pretty sparse.

OK. PyCon 2023 hotel booked. Definitely still bummed about the situation with the venue, but on balance canceling the registration would not have been to anyone's real benefit, so I'm going.

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@jalefkowit I would expect to see the equivalent of a linktree to the various subdomains, but this appears to actually have some dynamic content on it? just the series of decisions and the staffing that lead to this point must be fascinating. let me hop over to the @Hbomberguy discord and recommend some investigative journalism, let's see how deep this hole goes

@jalefkowit it… doesn't have https? but not even like "the cert's bad" kind of way, like, 443 is a tarpit. 200 billion dollars in market capitalization

@jalefkowit wow the apex of is an amazing hot mess

@matt I find Rust appealing, but every project I've tried to start with it, my comfort with Python overrode it by a wide margin. It's a lot easier to write correct code than C++, but it's a lot harder to actually *do anything* than with Python. I feel like I don't have any ambitions at a scale that *need* Rust right now.

@matt I’m curious — what is your first first choice these days? Or is it too context-dependent to have a single answer?

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@eevee in lua you’re out of luck, but I think semgrep can do stuff like this for other languages?