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The official account for GoToSocial news, updates, release announcements, and so on!

GoToSocial is an open-source, ActivityPub compatible, federated social media server. It's easy to install, lightweight, and perfect for small servers 🦥

GoToSocial is still alpha software. Your support is appreciated as we fix bugs, add features, and move towards beta ❤️

This is not a support account! Support questions addressed to this account will go unanswered. For support please see the links below.


Open Collective:


Documentation + Installation Instructions:

Matrix Space:


Header image is a beautiful pink flower against a background of green plants.

Avatar image is the GoToSocial sloth logo by Anna Abramek: a cartoony orange, grey, and white sloth smiling.

This is a member of another server. See their original profile ➔

this sloth bites fascists

Hi all, we're working on some code that allows for sending email notifications to instance admins when a new report has been received about a user on your instance.

It's going fine, but we're pondering how to address the emails. Should all the admins + moderators of your instance be added to the To field (so that they can see each other, and reply-all if they want to), or should they be in the Bcc field (so that they can't see each other's email addresses)?

What do you think?

@davidrevoy @echedeylr Heya! The sloth logo + the other logos are currently licensed under AGPLv3 solely because it didn't really occur to us to license them under anything else :D

We'll investigate licensing them as (most likely) CC-By-Nc-Sa and update the repo when we figure out how to do that properly.

In the meantime feel free to remix + reuse the sloth under the assumption of CC-By-Nc-Sa, if you wanna :)

We added a few more things to our 'Federating with GoToSocial' document:

There's a lot more to add, and a lot of tidying up to do, but it's coming along :)

Kapow! Here's 0.7.1 Even Stormier Sloth, presented for your consideration:

This is a small bugfix release! Check out the release notes for more details :)

Have fun! Use it responsibly! Stick it to the man!

With more people getting their hands on the code for 0.7.0, we found a couple small regressions and annoyances. We'll likely make a bugfix 0.7.1 release in the coming few days :) Thanks for the help everyone! ❤️

Hello everyone! We've just created the proper v0.7.0 release of GoToSocial, Stormy Sloth! ⛈️ 🦥

You can find the release here:

This is the culmination of two and a bit months of hard work, and we're really proud of it :)

Big thank you to all contributors, testers, and well wishers!

Release highlights

Basic video support (mp4 only). You can finally upload videos, and view videos from remote instances too. Not all mp4 files work, currently -- this is something we'll investigate for next release most likely.
Support for federating reports in and out of GoToSocial, and viewing reports via the admin settings panel (this feature was sponsored by NLnet).
Support for webp attachments, avatars, and headers.
Users can now create, remove, and view status bookmarks!
Domain blocks now apply on a wildcard basis, so you can block a second level domain (like and it will apply to subdomains too (like etc).
HTTP request throttling -- only a certain number of http requests are served at a time now. This should vastly improve responsiveness under load on small instances.
Much better logic for pruning old avatars + headers, leading to gb of disk space savings.
So many bug fixes and performance improvements.

@m @mookie normally it should go refetch the image and store it again, on demand. Which storage backend are you using? Are you using nginx to proxy your storage directory?

we are a strictly antifascist organization. we have zero tolerance for fascism or anything that enables or allows it. (yes that includes capitalism)

We do not work with transphobes/fascists/racists. If you open an issue or PR on our git repo and we see you are one of those things, or hang out with people like that, we will kick you out of our space. We have no patience for bigotry, and we see no reason whatsoever to tolerate having it anywhere near us. Fuck terfs and fuck nazis.

Hello everyone!

We just created the first release candidate for version 0.7.0 of GoToSocial!

You can find the release candidate and preliminary migration notes right here:

If you're feeling adventurous, you can help us test this new version of GoToSocial by installing the release candidate. Please read the migration notes carefully when you do so!

A couple highlights of this release (candidate):

video support (mp4 only)
report creation + federation
lots of nice admin panel updates
much-improved performance under load
better markdown parsing
and many more!

Thanks for reading, have a nice week!

Good morning! We're now running the snapshot that's going to become the release candidate some time in the next couple days.

To celebrate the fact that everything didn't blow up yet, here's a video about sloths :)

Sloths are the slowest mammal on the planet. But as strange as they seem the sloth is perfectly adapted to their environment and is actually slow for a very important reason. In fact, sloths are far from boring and are a lot more extreme than it seems. With an ecosystem on their backs, which scientists believe may even be capable of curing cancer. They even risk their lives to poop and when they do, they make it count, pooping over 30% of their body weight.


Did you know we have a Github project dedicated to client compatibility issues? We don't have time to investigate all of them at the moment (there are so many Mastodon clients!) but if your favorite client has an issue open in this project, and you feel like taking a look at it... well, that would be cool :)

Takahē looks neat!

An experimental Fediverse server for microblogging/"toots". Not fully functional yet - we're still working towards a 1.0!

Current version: 0.5.0

Key features:

Multiple domain support
Multiple identities per user (and can be shared between users)
Desktop, mobile and PWA-compatible web UI (with minimal JavaScript)
Easy deployment (web worker, background worker, and one database)

For more background and information, see