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A Mastodon Client for iOS & Mac.
We try our best to answer questions here, but sometimes are unable to. We generally don’t see mentions on weekends and holidays.

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@ctt We won’t do any more contrast options as we already have 3 settings. But we might do a color tint option for the BG at some point which might be beneficial to you.

@josh Hmm...You could be right. We will look into it.

@josh It should and it does. You can check Ivory Settings and then Sync Status to see where an issue might be on both devices.

@jamie Not yet. We are very far away from having time to looking into that stuff as it will require a lot of work re-working a lot of lower level code and we have too many other things to finish still.

@rakyat Yes we will get there eventually.

@stevenodb We will probably just force users to hit cancel.

@lx Most likely a network thing. Or do you have any VPN type apps running on your phone?

@objc Probably when we redesign the compose view.

@aergonaut If you are using safari on iOS, just use the "share" icon in safari when you are on a mastodon page and there's an “open in Ivory" option.

@sezduck Good work takes time. We've been working on redesigning our media viewer and it's a lot of work to get right.

@elight It's still on our list of things to do. Should be getting worked on soon.

@ctt Have you tried the Low Contrast option? that's the only alternative at this time. That or turning your screen brightness down a bit.

@colorblindcowboy We haven't implemented that yet. It will come soon.

@lx It's a bug we are trying to catch.So just have to ignore drafts for now until it gets fixed.

@sindarina Next major version will officially have them with our redesigned media viewer. 🙂

@jared It's on our list of things to do.

@robrodie Home is the people you follow. Local are posts from everyone on your instance.

@JRP69 @ivory @paul turn off all the notification switches in ivory’s notification settings in app, wait 15 seconds then turn them back on. Should fix the issue.

@jkuss That's when you swipe left to view details. But must have gotten stuck?

@codybrom @dens Yes we are aiming for an early April release! 🤞

@oddbinredwoods Probably flying under the radar with a small user base. We would get shut down in a day, unfortunately. And we in fact did when we changed our API key once.

@oddbinredwoods We are hoping to ship the Mac app early April!

@jqr Sure that's the plan in the future. But for now, this is the way. 🙂

@aisteel We are making big changes to our media viewer which is taking time. Will be a nice update when it's ready!

Mastodon has a lot of things in place to prevent harassment. So they don't allow you to see mentions from a bunch of people on another person's profile.

@caycepollard Yea happens and it is quite annoying for us too. 🙂 Hopefully we can figure out a better way to deal with it in the future.