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"Eat, Drink & Be Merry"

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@MonaApp One other question - do changes to themes or theme colors specifically automatically sync between devices? So if I go into a theme and tweak a color and save it will that theme automatically update on my iPad? Or do I need to export settings from iPhone and then import settings on my iPad to have the iPad access the updates theme?

@MonaApp got it. Thank you!

@MonaApp Is there a way to force update the Mac version?

@osma I emailed my instance’s admin. Maybe they can clue me in to tell me for sure that it’s blocked on Thanks for your help tho 👍

@osma my instance must be blocking it. Any one I try and search for with the ending search comes back no posts found search may not be enabled on this instance. Oh well

@osma @vincent I can’t figure out how to use it. Or if it’s being blocked by, the instance I’m on.. if someone can explain both to me I’d appreciate the assistance

@waltmossberg Makes sense, Walt. It’s a good podcast. Sounds like from the Vox site just rebranding it. Thanks for sharing the info, otherwise wouldn’t have caught this

@waltmossberg I’m guessing that’s going to affect Peter Kafka’s Recode Media podcast? 🙁

@mammoth Full screen timeline hide top and bottom bars option coming soon or no?

@dimillian @icecubesapp Enjoy using the app, esp for the option to easily view other instances, but can’t be my go to without timeline sync between apps, unfortunately. Beta it up, we’ll all work the kinks out with you 😁😈

Hi @ivory @tapbots wondering if there is any room in the Ivory Mac app beta for me? Pretty please 🙏 😂

@ivory right on. looking forward to it

@siracusa Yep. 100% correct. I, like others, use iPhone and iPad and sometimes Max all to browse timelines. Having to manually scroll to where I left off on the app on another device is a brain break for me. Also who has the time! LOL. Timeline sync between devices should be an automatic add when an app comes out these days. I have Ice Cubes, Mammoth, and Mona on my devices but continue to mainly use Ivory. Just waiting for @ivory to finally add in option to browse other instances 😁

@mammoth @david yea deleted app by accident because I switched instances, and now no longer see the iOS app in TestFlight, just MacOS app option