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@paulsilver Thanks! It does seem that way!

Got some ace soot sprite cookies made by my daughter

@aegir it’s a cliche, but very much so. I think that’s my mental model of myself - not physically, but cognitively

@aegir thanks! I think?

Hah, it does seem slightly surreal

I have accidentally become 50

Edited 13d ago

@aegir all fab Aegir - really inspirational! Love the tiny houses and the idea of laser-cut marquetry

Staying about as close as is possible to The Coliseum for Akhnaten - blown away by it a few years back, and now here with for a joint birthday treat

@ianbetteridge these two keep us permanently entertained

@jamie awesome waterbutt!

@matt 👀

Veggie samosa. Breakfast of champions!

@mikestreety yup runners on some staging servers plus office Mac mini for iOS & macOS builds


Using an r6g.large

Could probably use a .medium but I’d already upgraded the spec once and wanted to not worry for a while. We’re a team of 12 using it on some large repos with heavy use of CI

About $50/month IIRC, because we’ve got it as a reserved instance rather than on demand

@mikestreety been running on AWS for years now - never had a problem. Don’t use a dedicated RDS instance for it - just the Postgres it ships with

@robertbrook your steamy bus window photos are always great - almost painterly

@lucasgonze yeah, Matthew Ogle for a while I think

@lucasgonze I really miss which did have a great community of social sharing

@neil loads are “you have a slightly permissive SPF record”


Ever since we’ve had a security.txt we get a ton of these, but a couple have been genuinely helpful. I’d suggest having a very clear document you can point people at and then see what the follow up is.

e.g. we say that in exceptional circumstances we pay £X BUT only as an or voucher. No crypto. No PayPal. No bank transfers. No other Amazon domains. It tends to weed out the grifters and also means people can’t post-negotiate, as you were clear up front.

Allow me to introduce Professor Stripes who definitely won’t help solve the UK’s vegetable shortage

Chuffed that we've partnered with Rockschool to produce interactive versions of the Rockschool Method books for our teachers and their students 🤘

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@andy commiserations

Gah! So nearly finished, but it will have to wait for next weekend now