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iOS developer. Views expressed are mine alone.

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@MonaApp A quick question: Is block implemented in Mona (on iOS or macOS)?

I see mute but canโ€™t find the block functionality.

@mmasnick Priority is awesome. A few years ago I emailed them on Thanksgiving Day with some minor customer service issue I had, expecting to hear back the following week, and shortly after the _founder_ (hi Dave) replied to me with a helpful answer.

Their bikes are wonderful, but so is their company.

@IceCubesApp Making it optional is the way to go. ๐Ÿ‘

@mattblaze Agreed on both counts.

That said, quote posts are actually on the roadmap, per @Gargron. Theyโ€™ll likely have extra controls to prevent pile-on abuse.

Search seems like a harder nut to crack, both from a technical perspective and a Mastodon-political one. Iโ€™m pretty much resigned at this point to waiting for the number of new users to outnumber the existing, vocally anti-search ones before progress is made.

@dimillian @its_john_davis We should all file a feedback for this.

Itโ€™s a pain, butโ€ฆ

@timbray Whatโ€™s funny is that, in theory, an acquisition should allow for greater economies of scale to allow for (at minimum) the same level of service at the same price.

Doesnโ€™t usually seem to work that way in practice, though.

@maxleibman @AbandonedAmerica โ€œStaying and fightingโ€ Twitter by remaining on Twitter is like throwing wadded up dollar bills at someone you dislike and claiming that every impact is doing something positive.

@blowdart @AbandonedAmerica I got my copy several weeks back. Itโ€™s an impressive piece of work.

I hope that there will be a follow-up one day.

@jensimmons For what itโ€™s worth, I love the work you and your team are doing and am heartened to see so much important progress lately.

Iโ€™m sorry that youโ€™re having to deal with this, but please know that your efforts are still appreciated.

@bigzaphod This is one of my pet peeves, and an excellent indicator of general attention to detail in a given app.

@shacker Theyโ€™ve trained humans to close the doors behind them as soon as they go through โ€” and to pay for their HVAC needs.

Elon nonsense

@bigzaphod @sanguish โ€œThat Guy Sucksโ€ pretty much sums up much of the past several years, to be honest.

@shacker @atomicpoet Itโ€™s a cultural issue rather than a technical one, I think.

CWs are a useful feature, but theyโ€™ve been overused to the point where you have to tap through to find the most innocuous stuff so often that you may as well just keep them turned off. And I do.

I have no clue how it became the norm on here, but I hope that as more people join Mastodon this norm is diluted a bit because it seems awfully performative rather than useful overused this way.

@mttvll Also: In my observation, those who complain about subscriptions largely occupy a space in a Venn diagram greatly overlapping with people who simply donโ€™t like paying for software at all.

Sure, they say that theyโ€™ll pay for a one-time unlock, but thereโ€™s a reason why so many apps are moving to a subscription model. When push comes to shove they donโ€™t actually do it (or insist on an unsustainably low price).

You donโ€™t have to appeal to everybody, least of all cheapskates.

@mttvll Subscription pricing is the way to go. Itโ€™s simply more sustainable.

You can also offer a one-time option, but donโ€™t only offer that. And make sure itโ€™s at least equal to 3 years of the subscription so that itโ€™s worth your while.

$5 is fine, but you could probably charge $8-$10 a year. Donโ€™t undercut yourself โ€” you donโ€™t need to sell to everybody, just give the people who are actually willing to pay at all a fair price. Ignore the freebie-seekers.

@mttvll You might want to check out Slopes by @parrots โ€” he has put an exceedingly large amount of effort on his payment screen and it might serve as an inspiration.

That said, this looks like a decent start. Probably best to get something out the door soon and iterate on it, I think.

@mttvll ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป

@jamesthomson @pixel Has anyone written up how this was implemented anywhere?

@simon @andybaio @kissane Thatโ€™s a pretty shortsighted impetus, if true. It just means that 3rd party clients will be all the more compelling by comparison, with people quote-tweeting using them anyhow.

@Migueldeicaza @9to5Mac Iโ€™ve never seen one of these articles quantify the green bubble thing in any serious way. Itโ€™s always just an anecdote.

If I were Gen Z I would be low-key angry at being stereotyped as being so vapid and superficial.

@carnage4life @alesplin Lots of people whistling past the graveyard on this.

Lots of people acting as if they can will it away simply by dismissing the technology vociferously enough.

@bigzaphod Iโ€™d love to replicate this, but with an Apple ][ emulator.