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Nomad. Fabian Strategist. Annoyed Grunt.

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@mammoth all 12 of my followers!

@mttvll @woollyapp trying to force a crash on my iPad Pro. Using Stage Manager on it for the first time. So far no luck. Well having it not crash is usually good luck though.

@bart @mammoth aaaand now I can’t stop moving it.

@MonaApp Awesome. I meant is there a way to click when I hide the tab bar? Command Up helps tremendously though!

@MonaApp Thanks. Looks so much cleaner now! Only thing we’ll need now is an easy way to jump to top🤞

@MonaApp what’s the keyboard shortcut? I can’t find it cause I’m tired apparently😂🤦‍♂️

@trunksapp alerts automatically mark as read.

@IceCubesApp @benadamstyles Ice Cubes and Mona are my two favorites by far for different reasons. One because it’s super customizable, one because it’s more ready out of the box. Depends on what I wanna look at and how I want to interact basically.

@mammoth the clock stops at 2:00. Is that 2am? 2pm? Before or after the time changes?? So many questions!

@MonaApp Now we just need a quicker way to see updates to custom themes without going alllll the way out then clicking and long pressing multiple times to get back into the editor.

@IceCubesApp there’s now a whoosh and ice rattle when pushing post though.

@bart @rileyhBat now we need one more thing!: sounds automatically turn off if the silent switch is on.

@IceCubesApp now I’m too excited. Absolute time stamps??

@dimillian Path of Exile should have won out. Ice Cubes needs a break, it’s good 😂

@IceCubesApp Woohoo was going to eventually request more subtle sound effects. Had to turn them off earlier.

@mammoth It crashes on m1 when I select an instance 😭. I’ll try to wait it out, I think I can make it.

Can anyone get @mammoth to work on ?

@mttvll @woollyapp Apple is a firm believer of “the obstacles don’t block the path; the obstacles are the path.”

@woollyapp Whoa. Didn’t see an update getting approved.

@viticci I still can’t believe I can download software updates on my using my iPhone’s hotspot but not my or . Takes 4-8 hours to download on my regular 4g hotspot 🤦‍♂️

@seanb @IceCubesApp Yep. Just waiting on a possible multi-column layout. But it’s not too shabby at all.

Here’s my other favorite @IceCubesApp icon. Definitely the best icon app!

@IceCubesApp I think it would work as long as clicking it would bring up the toot for context.

@mammoth the tab buttons at the bottom. Being able to change any of them and even having Settings as an option.

@IceCubesApp I keep socials off of the Home Screen. But Ice Cubes is always at the top of my App Library suggestions.