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@bigzaphod I feel like that should be the default state for mushrooms

@mako signs of a dying liver: you become a bunny.

@homelessjun if you happen to care about your employers security anyway. I compartmentalize pretty religiously but it’s because I don’t want my corporation to compromise my devices

@homelessjun I feel like it should be neither lawful nor acceptable but also it wouldn’t surprise me if something in the lease agreement lets them get away with it 😕

@homelessjun sometimes I dig old versions of Debian out of one of their archive mirrors if I’m itching to make something really old work. You kind of have to download the cdrom/dvd images though since none of the repositories are online anymore

@homelessjun I found the cdrom and what appears to be an old osx software for it at you trying to use it with a modern OS?

@homelessjun id be curious to play with one at least.

@eniko @PelayoNastaviek it’s a cartoon on Disney+, maybe elsewhere? I give it a second it’s quite good

@mako is it still purified if you add minerals to it? 🤔

@koko I use it at work because I have no choice if I want anything other than standard library python but outside work I avoid it and just sort of manage my venvs manually. It’s not exactly “fun” but at least I know what it’s doing 🤷🏼

@dirkgrundy definitely

@dirkgrundy I bought one a few years ago and honestly I don’t think it cleans very well but gosh if it doesn’t feel good though.

@dirkgrundy oh nice thanks 😊

@bart having it explicitly stated makes me feel better about it. I feel a lot better knowing it’s a non-profit like Mozilla.

@homelessjun this really felt like old news to me but I guess you have to be really explicit about it for most people to catch on? 🫤

@dirkgrundy I didn’t even realize you could do that 😯

@gedeonm I love it ♥️

@mako you can cancel the redirect and then it goes back to a normal account again. If it is outside the cooldown window you should be able to then do the migration process from your current account back to that one to keep your followers.

@caseyliss @marcoarment @pesh it’s even closer school buss yellow than I imagined 😦

@dec_hl nice. I never would of thought of that but I really like the idea of having different colors 😊

@dec_hl is that a 3d printed bracket?

@bart yeah this is exactly the sort of thing I look to apple to avoid. Maybe if they were better at it it wouldn’t feel so gross? 😕

@gedeonm I’m honestly surprised it’s taken this long