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Profile image for Kelson is testing Calckey Kelson is testing Calckey

I'm testing a bunch of different Fediverse software, hoping to find something I'd want to use for a single-user instance.

Main account (Mastodon): @KelsonV@Wandering.Shop

This is a member of another server. See their original profile ➔

@experiments Oh wow, that got really messed up on Calckey

@experiments So, what happens if I try to embed code snippets or

code blocks

when composing in Calckey. As in which other platforms will see it?

@experiments Interesting: Calckey doesn't see Wordpress' code blocks, but it does see GoToSocial's.

@experiments Whew! All three preset templates work exactly as expected. Working links, formatting where it's supported without breaking where it isn't.

The only trick is that with a custom template, you now have to explicitly link to a URL instead of putting it in plaintext.

I'll have to test each template with images next.

@experiments @KelsonV Calckey seems to handle it the best so far. It preserves the Blockquote and the bold/italics, and converts the lists to paragraphs with line breaks ... AND links the plaintext URL.

I don't want to run a zillion VPSes, but it seems like the simplest way to test different Fediverse platforms with each other and be sure they're not conflicting with each other on the same system.

Though I suppose I could run all of them in docker containers with different ports and run Nginx as a reverse proxy with different (sub)domains for each. I wonder what resources would be needed for all of them and whether I'd end up needing a server that costs the same as all the individual servers. Or whether the local virtual network would confuse things.

@kelsonv So here's a reply from Calckey. Let's see what happens

@kelsonv Calckey converted the list to plain line breaks.

Next up of course is checking out the formatting, which can be an issue between different servers

* Misskey and forks
* GoToSocial

But Mastodon strips out everything but links and paragraph markers.

@kelsonv @ktv

Let's try mentioning @kelsonv AFTER unfollowing to see if the mention goes there on its own

Let's see if Calckey can mention @kelsonv

Let's see if Calckey can mention @ktv on Takahe

@experiments It federated one, yes, but what about second comment?

@experiments Wondering if Calckey's replies will make it to the blog post.

@FiXato Interesting: @calckey supports blockquotes but not lists.

* Does calckey support lists?
* Let's find out!

Wondering if bold or italics or anything else come through here

@ikke Thank you! I suspect you've just saved me a future headache the next time something restarts!

FINALLY managed to punch a hole in the that allowed the image to make DNS calls outward so I can actually federate this instance!

(really wanted to punch docker)

Problem was I had to restart the docker service after updating the firewall rules.