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Trying out GoToSocial. My main Fediverse account is @KelsonV and you can find me elsewhere through my main profile at (with links to other social networks) and my blog at K-Squared Ramblings

This is a member of another server. See their original profile ➔

@ktv OK, for future reference, Akkoma lets you input text, html, Markdown, BBCode, and something called MFM (which I think is something-flavored Markdown)

This is both

pretty cool! and
overkill IMO

but I'm certainly not complaining!

"Well, at least it's a different error."

USB thumb drives are kind of like the data crystals from . They're small, hold a boatload of data, and can be plugged into almost any computer around.

OTOH, B5 never showed anyone needing an adapter to do so.

Long post
Long post
Long post

You know what, one more test - this time I'll reply from the Mastodon account and see where it ends up

I'm going to try replying to this one from an account that my takahe account follows and see if that's what does it (and confirm in the morning whether the other two tests also show up)

Let's see how lists end up getting parsed by


@kelsonv @ktv @KelsonV

Just a random test post, pay it no mind!

@kelsonv It can!


@brion And to this day I get "samoas" and "samosas" mixed up when talking about food.

Great, I'm already thinking about setting up a Codeberg repo with just issues and docs linking to each projects' federation-tagged issues.

C'mon, brain, save it for after work.

@Mastodon @bookwyrm @LemmyDev @pixelfed @gotosocial @calckey @takahe

Is there a general matrix somewhere? I would have thought FediDB or SocialHub would be the place to look, but I don't see anything of the sort on either site.

I've made it a side project to improve . Currently:

Using multiple platforms of different types:

@Mastodon (microblogging/general)
@bookwyrm (book reviews and library tracking)
@LemmyDev (link sharing/discussion forum)
@pixelfed (photos)
WordPress+ActivityPub plugin (blogging)

Testing other platforms that fit the same niche as Mastodon:


Finding what does and doesn't work between them.

Reporting bugs and testcases.

So far it's been mostly haphazard. I need to start tracking what I have and haven't tested.

And I'd like to make time to fix some bugs and maybe implement some features too -- I just need to carve out the time to dig into some code!

I know there are more ActivityPub platforms out there, and I'm sure I'll try out more of them as time goes on.

For now, though, I don't want to spread myself too thin on the general platforms, and I don't have a good personal use case for, say, Funkwhale or Peertube that will make sure I actually keep using it!

@kelson I imagine that the internet in their area is a lot faster now. But you can also put a lot more on a datacard light enough for a pigeon to carry!

Please promote your SocialHub. It is important!


It was pointed out that many of this user's other posts also contained blockquotes, and I fear that I may have misunderstood many of their posts due to there being no indication of this.

Now you might not think this is an issue if you're not used to being able to post blockquotes in the first place, but if you're getting them from somewhere else and you don't know it, that can be a problem.

For instance, the first paragraph in this post isn't actually written by me, it's a quote from the original GitHub issue from two years ago. Writing this on GoToSocial it's trivial to indent it (and if you look at this post on its own site, you should see it correctly!) and it doesn't make sense for me to have to think about how many of my followers might be on software that actually breaks my posts!

(The missing italics in the second paragraph are less of a problem, but they would be nice to see them go through.)

@brion Just looked it up - it's a TV series? With 15 episodes? How do you stretch it out that long?

uspol, spam

Markdown test: bold and italic (and alternate italic) link to another page.

What about lists?

Bullet-point especially

How do these show up in other Fediverse software?

This could be interesting

Then again, it might not be

So anyway, this is enough for now.

Security audit of is complete

For this portion of the research a total of 35 issues were discovered, including 2 critical severity findings and a high severity finding. Additionally, because of this research, a number of potentially catastrophic security bugs were discovered and resolved internally by the git security team.


@brion ...concluding with Meatloaf's assertion that if the thrill is gone, it's time to take it back.