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Python, Django, building stronger engineering teams, parenthood, baking, quilting, miscellaneous crafting. She/her

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#cats #CatBehavior
#cats #CatBehavior

@tylermumford I’ll check those out!

Yeah, I’m trying to figure out the best way to balance the point you make about accuracy against not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. I’m experimenting with trying to make smaller changes more consistently to see how that feels?

@brektyme Thanks for this! So you feel like you can arrive at an example for what you want to get across pretty quickly. But when you try to expand on that example to get to the WHY of something, you get stuck. Is that about right?

Been thinking a lot about docs lately.

What docs do you love?

What do you hate about writing docs?

What do you feel like you don’t get about writing docs?

How do you feel about your docs?

@mekkaokereke I learned about this in an AA Studies class in college and as a white woman, I remember feeing just so, so sad that I had never been taught this. What a beautiful legacy to leave, that your organization got a nation to feed its kids. And what a SHAME that the kids who benefit from that [raises hand] are taught to demonize the group actually responsible, instead of learn from them.

Shoutout to all the kids whose dads hogged the tv on the weekend for sport ball so the Super Bowl was like “after today it’ll be my turn and I can watch Dirty Dancing on TNT!!!” But then it was time for baseball and you felt like the tv would never be yours again. THE WORST.

Kids these days have NO idea. ONE screen that we all had to SHARE.

(If you watched the Super Bowl and had fun, I’m filled with joy for you! I’m also filled with joy that I didn’t have to watch!)

My favorite Super Bowl was before streaming and it was the one where I watched a Grey’s Anatomy episode that the network reran. I hadn’t seen yet (it was the one with the bomb in the body cavity) and I watched it with a buddy in a spare bedroom while everyone else watched the game. It was awesome. 10/10.

What are you up to this Super Bowl, Christy?


Now she’s chastising me because I hid the nesting dolls from her. Which she asked me to do.

She wasn’t angry. Just disappointed. Now she’s collecting them so SHE can hide them from ME. “I was supposed to hide, mama,” she says soberly.

😂 ☕️ My child knows how I take my coffee. She helps my husband make it for me every morning. This morning, I was making a cup for myself and as I took out the sugar, she said, very solemnly, “You need FOUR SCOOPS, Mama.”

Yes I do, darlin’. Yes I do.

My husband hates my cat, for good reason. It’s honestly a gift to me that he hasn’t made me choose: him or the cat. Instead, he feeds that ungrateful beast so they have at least one positive interaction a day. So when I go out of town, they’re still acclimated to each other.

I’m not traveling until Easter.

For Valentine’s Day, I gave him a week off of any Lacey’s-cat responsibilities. I think it’s his favorite gift ever.

@CodenameTim I share your concern (maybe we’re both over-reacting?). I think I’d ask them more questions about why they want to do this? Is there a different solution? If not, what kind of security things do they have planned? In my day job, if I arrived at this as a solution, I’d definitely be asking @frank before I did a ton of work, though. This feels like “Whoa, let’s ask an expert” territory for sure.

Anyone else use their watchlist as a shelf of the DVDs you would have requested for Christmas in high school? I’ve seen How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days half a dozen times, but I’ve still got to add it to the watchlist if it’s there.

Weeknotes: let's critique the PR I let get too big. Or: How not to write a good PR! With a real live example!

@inarticulatequilter They don’t need to be pretty to keep you warm! 💕

Had to wash the toddler’s bedding suddenly, and I let her choose any blanket in the house to fend off some tearfulness… and she chose the first quilt I ever free-motion quilted. The tension is messed up and there’s a ton of eyelashing on the back, and I purposefully picked fabrics I didn’t really like but didn’t hate so I wouldn’t be precious about it. I fondly think of it as my ugly quilt.

She was just overjoyed to have it on her bed.

I always feel a little guilty when I don’t write a test. Future Lacey’s going to be so mad… But past Lacey was in a hurry, or this was a hard-to-reproduce edge case and it would just take too long to write the damn test.

I always have a good REASON.

But I do feel a little sneaky. I kinda hope no one notices. It’s like stealing a cookie from my future self.

@coral I’ve always wanted to try this! There’s a million videos on YouTube and they are so soothing to watch.

@jamteayang it’s been a long time since I read Hex Hall, but I remember it being a good time!

I like it here. It feels small. Like I can be more myself.

Give Me Ten Minutes And I’ll Give You Ten Reasons Why Cursive Is The Next AI Competitor Or Your Money Back!

My husband’s like, “You’re not staying up too late, right?” as he heads to bed. It’s 9:15.

He’s right. Better get ready for bed.

I’m learning about writing content for landing pages, and the style of writing they want you to use to get people to click is a BUMMER.