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Ah, I *can* post images through Pinafore, just not very big ones. All the ones over 2MB I tried got an error when uploading.

@ktv if the bookwyrm account makes posts are you getting the updates?

@literally Not yet, but apparently there's a "weird federation glitch" on right now. The follow requests didn't make it to bookwyrm, the posts aren't making it to my mastodon account either, and I'm not the only one having this problem:

"I believe it's a performance issue, and will go through eventually. I have a fix in mind for this but haven't gotten a chance to implement it yet. Sorry for the jankiness!"

@literally There may be another issue specific to takahe, though. I can get at a new Bookwyrm post from Mastodon by searching for it, but if I search for the same post on Takahe, it isn't finding it.