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Profile image for Mammoth 🦣 Mammoth 🦣

Mammoth is a ˖⁺. beautiful .⁺˖ iPhone app for Mastodon. Welcome to the official Mammoth account!

This is a member of another server. See their original profile ➔

@Distante not so much the number itself but the ability to browse through the entire list of followers, enabling you to find your crowd without trouble. 🦣 The mission is ease of use & access.

@parker thank you for feedback.
We will be sure to look into all the issues and suggestions you mentioned.

@davidgarywood yes the user has been reported and action is being taken 🦣

243 open tickets on our system. Chime in below with YOUR most important one. PS: pls enjoy this Spring Friday!

@theBurn not quite YET 🦣

@socialuser all noted, thank you for the feedback and the video, very helpful. We will make sure the team sees this and works on a fix.

@jeremydebose haha all 12 of your very special followers 🤭

See ALL followers. Only in Mammoth.

@benjamin hah wonder how it figured that! Will give it a look, but glad you love it so far😍

@mosgaard will send this over to the team to have a look over it. Do you also have it on mobile?

@KE8UPE not quite yet, but it’s on our list 🦣

Wanna know exactly what all is new and better in Mammoth 1.3? It’s on our discord!

is in the air! 🌼
We’ve refreshed our light and dark themes on cleaner, bolder, and a whole lot more Mammoth Blue™ 🦣💙

Check us out ➡️

Mammoth 1.3 is out, and we think you're going to love it!

If you haven't had a chance to check the app out yet, you're in for a treat 🍬

@barbarakb apologies, we will make sure to work on making it easier and better 🦣

@dmoser that’s an interesting one, we will definitely look into it, thank you for the suggestion! 🦣

@mancku it should refresh you to the most recent posts, we will look into what may be causing the issue, thank you for bringing it up! 🦣

@Sarahp 👀

@benjamin feedback noted, thank you. We will share with the team to make sure they look into it.

@barbarakb we have been working on fixing one of the glitches with it, but you go bout the process in the same way you would edit a post, after selecting the ‘edit post’ option you click on the image to ‘add image description’ and voilà! It’s not perfect but we are working on improving it. 🦣

@tomayac got it! We have already let the team know so we will make sure to add an additional note on it for you 🦣

@bitbonk is this the ‘🎉’ emoji?

@gunnarsson feedback noted, we are taking it over to the team for them to work on a fix. 🦣

@benjamin hahaha wouldn’t that be a dream

@solitarywalker noted on the timeline issue.
Will also post the discord in our info & links.