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Immigrant. Software Developer in Berlin. Previously: Open Knowledge Brasil Founder and CEO, Open Knowledge Foundation Consultant, Wikimedia Foundation Consultant in Brazil, Dev in São Paulo, and Particle Physics.

Profile in Portuguese: @everton137


🏡 Berlin, Germany
🐣 São Paulo, Brazil

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@deltatux @aendra I also have no idea why the boom into the came all to . I questioned about this a few days ago:

@aendra @deltatux may I ask which forks have your tried?

Since I work with Python, I'm looking forward the development of @takahe. But I simply use a vanilla Mastodon on my server.

@takahe 👏 👊

@takahe I've just noticed that the HTML tags appear on your profile description here on Mastodon, both the website or the Tusky app on Android. I can open an issue later when I'm back to my computer.

@takahe I consider substituting my instance with , since I work with . But one thing I'll take into account is if I can maintain my old toots and URLs... I'm excited following your work!

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