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Pink modification of the official Mastodon app for Android, adding a bunch of features people miss in the official app ✨


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Megalodon is quite experimental – if you're looking for a more reliable and mature app, check out And for Megalodon + more features, take a look at!

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@Luis142 it matches the theme - until the first spin has completed, where it changes color

@dennisfaucher nope - not yet at least

some time has passed, but i'm still amazed at how good @moshidon's hide-with-a-warning filtered items work - thanks so much for implementing this and for the opportunity for me to merge this over to megalodon!

@thatonecalculator @jcrabapple @austin ahhh, oh dear. thanks for letting me know!

Edited 1d ago

@jcrabapple @austin actually, i'm thinking about moving to codeberg to get away from github :')

@austin @jcrabapple here's an existing issue (opened by me a while ago)

@austin @jcrabapple unfortunately, no :( tried looking at the image attachment grid code once to find out if i can squeeze in some maximum height, but, oof (i gave up)

@olk nope; mastodon servers generally only tend to know complete follower listings of their own users, but i'm not 100% sure. assuming the account you're logged into on the official app is an account?

@olk than that's why. both apps just display whatever the respective server throws at it

@olk are you logged into the same account with both apps?

@olk the official app and megalodon should behave the exact same in this regard: they only ask the instance you're logged into for the list of followed users/followers - and that list your instance gives the app is likely incomplete. maybe you're logged into a different account on the official app than on megalodon and thus had a different experience?
but, to answer your question; no, loading remote data of remote profiles isn't currently supported by megalodon.

@kip upstream bug (meaning the official app has this too) - to edit an image description in an existing post, you can, as a workaround, remove the image from the post and re-add it with image description

@nobloat it supports multiple accounts just like the official app does: simply long-press the account icon on the bottom right

@doable uhm, no, should be everywhere where there's a pull-to-refresh gesture

@Fleurcode that's nothing i can do anything about; it just shows what's also displayed in - so just trending links, there's no more data i could display

anyone noticed the colorful pull-to-refresh loading spinner in the latest pre-release? :)

Edited 4d ago

@kranzkrone @nick verwend halt ne andere app, um gottes willen

@nick @kranzkrone hah, ja, mastodos ist aber uralt :') jop, die namens-kollision hab ich bemerkt, nachdem ich mich für den namen entschieden hab:

@nick @kranzkrone doch, klar, bei megalodon ist diese sehr wohl verfügbar (muss bei der play store edition aber über "edit timelines" manuell hinzugefügt werden).
(mastodos war der alte name von megalodon; irgendwann bekam ich die aufforderung, mir nen neuen namen und logo zu suchen, weil die zu nah an der marke mastodon waren…)

@ajsilu the official app actually added support for the markers api a while ago, which can save the "last read post" position (for home and notifications). so that sparked up some hope that the official app would also support restoring the position soon, but it just never happened

@ajsilu you know, this is something people have been asking for for months, and i have no idea how to even go about this. android development is a confusing mess and google isn't of much help, most of the time

@ajsilu i wish this would just either implement itself, or the upstream app's dev would implement it…

okay, alright, another try! pre-release version 81 is out now!

Edited 6d ago

@IzzyOnDroid @experiencersinternational yep, long time ago, sorry! just the day i made an account on and was told i couldn't keep "mastodos" (and the recolored mastodon logo) because copyright :')
thanks for fixing!