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non-corporate account haver

you might know me from such twttr accounts as "michaelcoyote" and that's about it.

old dude. tries to be kind.

ignosce sed nunquam oblitus sis

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@malwaretech I think just-world fallacy plays into this as well.

@ernie @misc I have an accound, I like it and I like people on it.. I just forget to look and there's no mobile client.

@aurynn I feel like dude came up with his "anti-abuse measures" totally on vibes and it shows

@aurynn this was my thought about it for like the last several go arounds with the fediverse so I wrote it down. I think it's time to get past that dude.

@aurynn it sucks ass that he maintains the major stable ActivityPub micriblog platform that isn't maintained by fascists. I don't think that will always be the case though.