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Techdirt guy. I once wrote a paper about "Protocols, not Platforms" that seems to be slightly relevant.

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I saw the story about how some Twitter source code was leaked online and didn't think the story was all that interesting... until I saw the username of the person who leaked and... dude... amazing troll play. Bravo. Just... perfect.

@shoq @mastodonmigration @jeffjarvis @evan @kainoa @Green_Footballs @Teri_Kanefield @dangillmor @atomicpoet @timbray @Gargron @davetroy @davidslifka @scafaria I've given up believing that source for the numbers, as it does not seem to be accurate at all.

@SloanLA hit $5 billion revenue in 2021 and has been *mostly* profitable (albeit only slightly, and with some big losses mixed in) since 2017...

@reay twitter had been mostly profitable since 2017, with a few big expenses throwing it off at times.

@BigJesusTrashcan there's no tax advantage here.

Alternate headline: Elon Musk admits he's set $24 billion on fire... so far.

@jhwgh1968 @TheVampireFishQueen eh... you can't quite do that. On appeal, you're basically arguing that the lower court made an error of law, so you kind of have to stick with what you argued in the lower court, but argue it better.

@adnan @SarahOestreich this is false. Twitter fought back against most requests, to the point that the gov't threatened to jail local employees and raided Twitter's offices. The company also sued to block the law the gov't is relying on. While eventually it did agree to take down some accounts, it did so publicly under protest and solely to protect local employees, while fighting it in court.

That's very, very different.

@SarahOestreich @UncivilServant @oughtthoughts the basic argument is that you are expressing an opinion that is incapable of being proven true or false: which covers statements like "Elvis wrote the first rock and roll song." While you can say it's factual, it's inherently subjective opinion based on the definition of "first" and "rock and roll" which is opinion.

@malc i mean, i'd like to know that too... but case after case has chipped away at sony, basically by claiming the case in front of them has some significant difference. And because of that, I'm not sure what's left of Sony.

@oughtthoughts @SarahOestreich that's a huge distortion of the actual defense that both of them used... was also a defense that was important in a case in which I was a defendant.

@admadlad @jeffjarvis haha. yeah, HVAC/water heater install requires a professional (and, in fact, we have a professional coming literally in a few days to do both of those things...)

@admadlad @jeffjarvis eh, i disagree. i enjoy figure out how all of this works and how to do it myself. over the years, i've replaced toilets, installed outlets, replaced a garage door opener, installed a dishwaser, repaired a washing machine, repaired a fridge, replaced a garbage disposal, and more...

Well, short and quick follow up... (1) as always, realized that the job is slightly more complicated. (2) also discovered that the faucet company does lifetime replacement of parts and youtubers say they actually live up to it if you send them pictures. So... just put in a customer support request for replacement cartridge... meaning, sorry @jeffjarvis, no geyser videos today (also, I know how to turn off the water...)

@kentpitman @rcpierce Cool. Good talk.

@kentpitman @rcpierce the road to hell regarding suppressing speech is "a reasonable balance is easily had by reasonable people."

I recommend reading this book that highlights how basically everyone who has ever said something along those lines is proven wrong as the "reasonable" rules they put in place are abused to silence the powerless and marginalized.

DIYoutube day: YouTube has convinced me that I truly can fix a broken sink faucet. Here we go...

@rcpierce @kentpitman there have been many attempts to get the courts to expand the definitions here, either by legislature or by prosecutions and the supreme court has consistently struck them down. and for good reason. imagine how a future trump or desantis administration would view such a change, and the prosecutions that would occur of BLM protestors, who they still falsely believe were a "violent mob." Free speech protections are important.

@nlarson830 high praise!

@jank0 coin flip!

@magdalen i am also a writer, and I think that's all fundamentally incorrect. They are acting like a library. They do not, at all, act like you claim.

@gulovsen haha, yes, I remember that article well. Jason was always pretty visionary.

@LaureM it's there for me

Brewster's statement: