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Go slow and fix things.

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@redoak @fm I've been happily listening to soma via RadioDroid for a long while.

(Though in the act of recommending it now just noticed it has a dreaded 'is this app still alive' issue on github...)

workers at the Coventry depot are going on strike again for a full week this week.

"By joining together in a union, and taking collective action, these workers are realising they have the power to win" --

Support their strike fund:

@adamgreenfield The article isn't too nuanced how it kind of pitches only ecomodernists as pro-technology, and everyone else... not. I'm pro some technology, against some others, dependent on context.

Re: nuclear in particular I think Half-Earth Socialism did a pretty good job of arguing against.

@adamgreenfield I guess there's degrees of ecomodernism... If it's coming at it from a position of 'we need to hold our noses and do this to avoid planetary catastrophe - then later we'll do something better' I can engage with it. If it's green capitalism (which the mention of decoupling growth from material usage hints at) then definitely at odds with it.

were supposed to take part in a public debate with Foxglove about their Β£480 million part in the new data platform. But they’ve pulled out last minute.

Such a big role in the running of the NHS needs to be discussed publicly. Foxglove have a campaign to email Secretary of State for Health Steve Barclay to ask why this isn’t happening:

@sheislaurence Simon Fell (Tory)

Writing to my MP again. (He never writes back.)

Don’t let anywhere near NHS data.

@adamgreenfield agree, whenever there's a 'family doctor' in a film I'm like what is this

There's some long-term doctors at my local practice, but because appointments in general feel like a scarce commodity I just grasp whatever is available.

Plus recently I had a couple of appointments with really good GPs only for them to no longer be at the practice next time I went. Like there's some training or rotation of doctors or something.

Continuity via the patient record feels a bit weak.

Anyone has some info on Overture Maps?

The Foundation try to strike a cautiously optimistic note here:

but given the players behind it (Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, Tomtom) it feels like it’ll be some long-term play for muscling out and enclosure of a commons…

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@ShutterbugDoug Nice, no I didn't, thanks!

I've used StreetComplete before on Android and enjoyed using that - this looks like a great complement to it to be able to make actual edits.

Getting a bit addicted to editing my local area on . It is a great way to get to know where you live. I’ve been updating the local park, adding missing footpaths, tracing buildings, etc.

The web interface for editing is a fantastic tool.

And, reassuringly, a friendly soul got in touch to let me me know that the aerial imagery is slightly out in my area and that I might need to realign. Someone’s keeping an eye on things!

CWG Ops team diary day 4

Did my 50th ever today!

I used to do it pretty consistently back in London for a while, now getting back in to my stride again after a move back up North and a global pandemic.

As is tradition I took some chocolates along for people to eat after spending their morning being healthy.

This is a nice article about [[mutual aid]] in .

Ormsgill Stronger Together are doing good stuff, they have a fundraiser going to try and raise 5k for the warm space and community fridge at the moment:

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CWG Ops team diary day 4

Taxation only gets you so far, but still, seems like a good move.

"This week the city of Barcelona showed that it is possible to Make Amazon Pay. The city council approved a new β€œAmazon tax” β€” a fee on large e-commerce companies’ to reflect their β€” formerly free β€” use of public space for home deliveries."

@scribe @polinski Oh NICE. I did not know Tidal had a web interface now!

Brilliant evening at [[Piel View House]] in Barrow at the reopening event for [[Full of Noises]].

Live music from [[Secluded Bronte]] was an absolute treat! Did not know what to expect and got some kind of wild mix of The Fall, Half Man Half Biscuit and Can.

Bumped in to someone from the Repair Cafe who makes experimental music. Rad.

Discussed the possibilities of [[live coding]] and [[circuit bending]] workshops which would be amazing.

Feeling very enthused.

@panda Thanks Panda, the EDC tag looks excellent - am I right in thinking it stands for Everyday Carry in this context?

I needed some decent bags for lugging stuff to the Repair Cafe and I got a mammoth Dell laptop bag and a slightly more bijou Wenger bag for Β£3 each from the charity shop 2nd hand and I could not be happier. So. many. pockets! I think I might have a hitherto unbeknownst bag fetish.

Read [[Digitalization and the Anthropocene]], liked how they look at historical examples of ICT in relation to environment and society, such as cuneiform script in Sumer, accounting and printing in British industrialization.

They say ICTs have always had deep effects on political agency and resource extraction, and now more so than ever with digitalization.

(they call β€˜digital’ ICTs what I have always thought of as just ICT, and the widespread deployment of digital ICTs as "digitalization")

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Something reminded me that I volunteered once on a thing where we went to a festival on its last day to collect discarded tents. Hundreds, field after field of them, just been bought for 2 days and then left behind like disposable rubbish.

We collected as many as we could that were not wrecked for distribution to refugees in Calais / Dunkirk. I guess the others just got binned. Unbelievable waste.

@adamgreenfield Damn, and I forgot to use my affiliate link!

Here you on the YA vibe.

Finding it enjoyable enough though as a light sleepytime read. However I am getting concerned that the fungi is going to be portrayed as bad (a badgi?)

@adamgreenfield Not particularly helpful unfortunately, but here's a thread from a while back where tried to get in touch with a rep from CJ after we read the book for the reading group. I don't think we got a response - it was @Matt_Noyes who reached out originally

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Fun time at the tonight.

Met some new volunteers.

Fixed a printer.

Learned a little bit about capacitors and why they go bad from a couple of volunteers who were fixing an old VHS/DVD combo player.