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Plant-based thoughts [it/en/fi] from , on , , , , , , . .

More , , and updates occasionally at Italia (@wikimediaitalia).

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@brion JPEG2000 all over again?

@textfiles I gather fees in such banks are actually rather cheap, if your bank balance has not been zeroed yet?

@brewsterkahle "Bankers without fraud": that's debatable. If your bank is a giant single-sided bet on the interest rate curve, perhaps you shouldn't advertise it as safe for uninsured deposits.

@textfiles Promising: the titular owner has not updated corporate records since 2018.

@mmasnick Is there any open position Rosenworcel could appoint Sohn to? Acting General Counsel seems taken for now. :)

@brion Not in Finland! Here the swastika is still fine! (With exceptions since 2020.)

@ntnsndr Well it's quite complicated... the main distinction is whether the coop has "mutualitΓ  prevalente" i.e. whether the mutual aid objective (scopo mutualistico) is the majority of its scope, or whether the benefit of the general public comes first. Then there are subcategories depending on whether the mutual exchange among members is work, goods or other things. By one classification there are 14 categories in Italian law.

@ntnsndr These are often different categories of coops in Italian law.

@bagder Ode to Joy, PD-USGov version.

@carlschwan Apple is furiously taking notes

Today the European Commission hosts the "The and between messaging services" on the .

Nice to read updates here at from @webmink (OSI), @ilumium (EDRi), @matthew (Matrix),
@carlschwan (KDE),

Also present: vzbv, @BERECeuropaeu, Mozilla, Cisco, Facebook, PEReN, @BNetzA, Wire, Paul RΓΆsler.

@shacker It's the same in many Italian towns. It's actually a way for the municipality to avoid lawsuits: if you completely close the centre to car traffic, a court will overturn the ordnance as soon as someone sues showing a need to go home by car (e.g. people with disabilities). So you need to handle exceptions.

@osma Also most cyclists probably don't put more than 250 W with their legs, but I don't know about delivery people.

@osma Interesting. is a huge company and they seem to really believe in : it's even on their frontpage now.

@malwaretech This actually happens in many countries in Europe. It's called compulsory until 16 or 18.

Even in the technical high-school (liceo scientifico), about half of the class time went to Italian and Latin literature, and . Philosophy is probably the only subject I use regularly at work (software development).

@blacklight "well that's how things used to work before right?"

Not progressive AFAIK, it was a flat rate (if you mean dial-up in Italy).

"It's clear to me that this can't scale and we're starting to hit some technological constraints."

Clear from what? Costs keep decreasing precipituously.

@blacklight So you would support, say, a progressive per-GB tax to be added on people's phone and internet bills?

@blacklight Can you provide any evidence suggesting that this proposal would help with the goals you state?

@ntnsndr No idea, hopefully just some reimbursement of past direct costs if their users ask nicely. I'd start from asking the existing moderators whether they still feel like continuing in the job with a different governance (where they'd be members of the coop). A complete regime change wouldn't be sensible anyway.

@ntnsndr Buy!

@brion Shouldn't the intersection contain the Supreme Soviet?

The schedule of the is out. It looks quite affordable, some 40 % less expensive than Stockholm-Berlin by #SnΓ€lltΓ₯get.

– is 3 nights, with 2 comfy days of leisure or work in (6 hours) and (11 hours) outbound, 2h in Stockholm inbound.

A group of 6 friends going to 2024 (😏) would spend about 350 €/person round trip. So you *might* sometimes (comfortably) without spending more than by flight.

@ntnsndr We have a section on :

@ThomasP of may know better.

@osma The Helsinki Greens are way beyond my comprehension capabilities. I'm sure he'll have a story on how his hands were tied and he couldn't do anything to stop the decision.

power company was shocked to learn that burning 12000 truckloads of wood per year can affect carbon sinks. Nobody was able to predict it before building a new wood-burning power plant.