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Teaching and writing media studies at CU Boulder. Helping to build a cooperative fediverse with Fan of democratic experiences and divine mysteries. Co-leading,,,

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@amiest As you'll recall, in Colorado it is a back-and-forth affair for months.

Working on a small typology of co-op governance... which sounds most right to you?

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@django @nextcloud @medlab Do you know why it's not showing up in the official app store? I like to avoid manual maintenance.

@nextcloud What is the current status of Nextcloud Social? I would love to try it but it won't install on our 25.04 system.

We're hoping it might be a lighter-weight alternative to self-hosting a single-account fediverse instance for @medlab.

@wmclark Hehe, books should be banned because print is obsolete.

@Matt_Noyes @mattcropp Sounds good. Here's where I'm at now:

@rabble really enjoying your talk last year on Indymedia. Will lecture on it this week.

@mattcropp @Matt_Noyes:

How is your effort on governance going?

I'm curious if there are overlaps with my thread on working group structure:

Should we be conjoining these discussions? Or keeping them separate?

Glad to have company in seeing some degree of necessary reinvention.

@judell this is one thing I really like about Ting mobile. You call and get a helpful person and problems get fixed. It is actually a pleasure.

@Julie It's a brutal tradeoff:

@bpuchala despair

Coming soon from @medlab

@driscoll I want that. Sleeping under a bridge because he Believed.

If you're looking for something gorgeous to listen to, please take some time with the Machines in Between podcast series—I was thrilled to be part of it.

Get it here:

@loshmi is pay what you want. But the basic expectation is that those who can should pay. It isn't a lot.

If VC is so risky, why are there never any broke VCs?

@arstechnica there has never been a better time to switch to @nextcloud

@CoralineAda Killing email?

I have been using Gmail for the first time in years for a project, and I am kind of amazed how clunky it feels.

@discoursology Dang, yeah, that's a really good one.

Oooh, this looks really good: "Moderating the Fediverse," an event with @darius and @lolkat

How do you maximize influence while minimizing virality?

@raph exactly. And since it is open source it will all be perfectly ethical

@austinha yes! I believe we are extending the deadline

@bhaugen BTW I love Material for MKDocs:)