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Elaborate Hoax

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I gotta pull my ham and cheese out of the fridge so they will be nicely room temp by lunch

can't be eating no "chilled hoagie"

@darius @est headcanoned omg

@webology every day, with few exceptions. I do pour over or french press.

@webology I've got zero and that's how I like it

@willmcgugan Mmm. This is the sort of thing I'd usually turn to either dot/graphiz or mermaid for.

@mjg59 looks fake

@est mfw she's topped me

@shanselman insulin didn't become one time "the most expensive fluid on the planet" by accident :/

@shanselman they still look good

@webology it's funny in that I've been writing more python since I took this primarily rust focused job than I have in several years.

@webology was it truly 5 years? Damn.

@lmorchard I think @webology would love to try whatever it is you cook up. For whatever reason I think Jeff was a big fan, but sort of baffled by choices they made of late. Did I imagine this?

@darius how do you feel about best mattress 2023 sale?

@webology fwiw, this problem isn't unique to uwsgi. I've seen the same behavior in ruby servers too.
In fact, I think it's designed to fail like that in some sideways DOS mitigation attempt.

Generally, the "fix" is to scale horizontally to decrease the likelihood of requests building a backlog.

Again, this might have nothing to do with what you saw 😅

@webology sorry if this is like a red herring. I don't remember if it'll zombie all the workers or exactly what the behavior is. My assumption is if this was what you bumped into it would stop serving everything, not just user media.

@webology the only thing close to this I've seen is how it'll stop serving if the TCP listen queue fills up until you restart it.

I don't remember if there's explicit logging about this, but IIRC you can't just tune the queue size in uwsgi. You'd also need to increase a number in the TCP stack or whatever. Default is like 100 in uwsgi and 127 at the system level, I think. If you get a spike of traffic uwsgi will just fall over.

@simon my boss is always doing this to me

@shanselman Search Results Page.

@shanselman I thought there was some legal kerfuffle about bing scraping google SRPs? You back at it?

@anildash 1,000 americanos it is

@anildash what's your least favorite coffee beverage?

@webology I always sort of marveled at how great an idea these hooks are and how there's nothing to propagate them in a neat, direct way.

Edited 35d ago

@webology what

@glasnt I fairly frequently get this. Maybe it's ADD. ` $ git` ... get distracted by something, return to my prompt ... `$ git git status<ENTER>` 😩