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Preparing to migrate from to this self-hosted domain.

Systems, organizations, products, platforms, software, science, and a little bit of politics. Whatever you think I identify with, I probably don't.

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This article in the IEEE Spectrum is a good explanation of the overall of the new social networks for those of you who've so far missed what Mastodon, Fediverse, ActivityPub et al are about, and what WordPress, Medium, Mozilla, Flipboard, Tumblr, Flickr and a bunch of other web stalwarts are up to. And, yes, even Meta is hedging their bets with a new project, exactly as you'd expect them to.

Although I'd like to get my toot archive from @osma imported for posterity, I figure I should just go ahead with migrating to this account. If you don't mind me asking @andrew, is Mastodon -> @takahe account migration supposed to work already, or will it blow up on my face and have me lose all followers?

In Mastodon, I should start by creating an "alias" for the old identity. I don't think I can do that in Takahē...?

Ah, I had missed the @takahe 0.8.0 release that happened just as I left for a winter vacay. Updated now and my so-far primary account's follow list imported. Next I should turn on the migration mode from @osma to this account - but I still want to figure out how I could import the posts from that account to my history here.

@takahe sorry, didn't notice your question before! Pixelfed is one of the cases where I noticed issues, and I'm still not sure this identity propagates correctly elsewhere either. When viewed from Mastodon, it does seem to be working as expected though.

I'll be upgrading once you're ready with 0.8.0. What's the remaining roadmap for account migration and auto-notifying followers of the new address?

Wrote up my notes so far on how to take control of your own Fediverse identity with a self-hosted small instance. I'm still in the middle of this process myself, not having migrated to this identity, but the host itself is up and running. Probably will attempt the switch once @takahe 0.8.0 is released.

So I've had this instance of Takahē @takahe running for a bit over a week now, and after a bit of hit-and-miss with the setup at first, it seems to be seeing posts with no issues. However, there are a few things which prevent me from switching from my current account @osma to it as a daily driver..
1. The current version of Takahē does not migrate follow graph from Mastodon yet. :)
2. Based on symptoms I'm seeing in federation, it seems the Fediverse at large doesn't really like the server domain ( and the identity domain ( being different.
3. Something about media propagation is off, but I can't tell what the issue is.

The other lightweight alternative, Wildebeest, appears to have the same limitations.

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