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Apple, sometimes. F1.
Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital.
I don't talk about politics or religion.

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@MonaApp It creates a visual inconsistency for me, however I understand it. Thanks for answering, it must be exhausting work. Have a great day.

@MonaApp Is there any reason why the icons should be different after I've selected a particular one? Thank you.

@IceCubesApp I have restarted the iPhone again, the problem persists. Don't worry, I'll still get over the trauma 🤣 Surely those of us who might have special conditions of some kind will be resolved in the next iOS update. Thanks and good day.

@IceCubesApp So I did, had to reboot the iPhone. I'm going to do it again, lately I trust iOS less (since iOS 14). Thank you.

@IceCubesApp Something is wrong with the app icon, since the last update.
Tell me if you need a screen recording video.

@IceCubesApp Video and screenshot for miniature.

@MonaApp You are great 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

@MonaApp Hi. There is a small bug that prevents this message from being removed, although you can post posts afterwards.
Error 503.

@IceCubesApp I miss iOS 14, because 15 and 16 are a sea of ​​instability.
Sometimes I think that they should consolidate the features instead of introducing so many new features that are not entirely necessary or wonderful.
Good luck with your project and have a wonderful day.

@IceCubesApp It’s a sham, I’m very sorry for the problem with this. I hope it will be solved before the final version is released, while I’ll use another client to send images. Thank you.

@IceCubesApp Yes, thanks (with other clients it works for me, e. Ivory) :)

@IceCubesApp BUG 🐞
Why won't IceCubes let me add images to a Toot? Added the image from the camera roll, it doesn't show it in the toot edit, I go back to the image selection and it's still selected to include in the toot. Finally, it does not send the toot with the photo either, thinking of an interface error.

@IceCubesApp No.
Because in the Dock I put related apps for what I need the mobile and the use of those apps is more constant: phone, mail, Things (to do) and web.

@IceCubesApp I got used to using the original icon, it was not so easy to locate because of its photo appearance.
So I decided to change it to something more in the understated and elegant style of iOS.
Sorry, I had to use another Mastodon client because IceCubes wouldn't let me send it 😞

@mammoth Should we leave the beta version of TestFlight? For proposing ideas about the changes that are being introduced, or better to stay with the beta to provide possible improvements. Thx.

@OliviaSanchez @xtianp87 @aar0n @baltar_17 En el tema de idiomas, @icecubesapp sobrepasa a Ivory con muchas ventajas a favor del usuario.

@icecubesapp Wow, I came to think that the image was the new message interface (the timeline), it would be a revolutionary visualization, and also messages and responses grouped by small overlays. It would make my head explode 😳🤯🤯🤯

@ivory I'm so sorry, my Macs are for work. But believe me when I say that I would love to install Ivory for iMac.

@mttvll @OliviaSanchez If the icon represents well the result that I will obtain, I don't see the need for me to change it.
That's why there are visual communication standards, which are usage standards rather than written conventions.
As curiosity and programming skill is fine.

@icecubesapp The sound of ice in a glass of whiskey is better. Just kidding, the sound is great.

@dimillian Great 👏🏻 and thanks again.

@dimillian Why not include it (the option to translate) directly in the menu, without having to go into the details of the Toot? - in the same way that MastodonApp does. Thanks.