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I break things for a living!

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@afink I have an older one, not really a fan for a number of reasons.

I ended up getting the SENSE75 it's OK but no way a $350 keyboard. $150-200, sure at least around the same price point as the Keychron Q1.

It's got nicer switches than any of the base options for the Q1, better LED stuff (that i don't use). The Q1 feels like it has a cushier gasket system, and you can get it in white a lot cheaper.

The keycaps are higher quality than the Q1 but I honestly don't really care for either. Too spoiled by MT3.

Not sure if I'll keep it or not.

@jfpoole I bought a 10 core Xeon because the 12 core were only supposed to handle 128GB at 800MHZ but it works fine at 1066, so now i have an extra 10 core with no trashcan to put it in!

@jfpoole toss some my way.

@jfpoole I still find it useful, though haven't tried the other alternatives.

I think they forgot “Do not taunt Homebrew!”

@jourd @dcseifert I like my FC660Cs but I’m not about to spend $500+ on some one off case thing for each. I’m sure it’s nice and all but that’s way beyond my limits.

@jourd @dcseifert someone needs to make a modern Topre keyboard, gasket mounted, knob, usb-c, cherry keycap compatible.

Does 13.3 fix the “Background Items Added” whac-a-mole?

@dcseifert I'm all about feel over sound, and was hoping the softer plate would make a significant diff but just didn't seem to. As a habitual bottom outer I'm just looking for the cushiest experience around, maybe spring mounted keyboard is up next.

@dcseifert do you actually notice the feel difference between the two. I have two Q1 with identical switches and one with the steel plate and one with the FR4, feel the same to me.

@timo @stucki insanity.

@stucki there's an actual resale value? Seems like they are cratering down to the $200 mark.

@smartwatermelon LOL @ No Touchy

@john better looking but I’ll take the practicality and lack of finger prints on the Studio.

@ParkscopeJoe yes but at least at 3x the price.

@ParkscopeJoe surprisingly expensive even now given how bad they compare with anything M based.

Now this Mac Pro is half Hackintosh. Still not a fan of Apple selling these things until 2019 and then dropping support them 3 years later.

@Canecittadino I put it on as background noise, ended up getting caught up in it.

@danvpeterson fair enough, certainly a problematic artist.

@jason I did not, went into it with super low expectations.

I thought this was your standard Geezer Teaser and it’s definitely not that. I can't say I enjoyed it, but it was certainly an interesting experience.

@yury_mol LOLs!