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I've been doing a tech podcast for 17+ years (without missing a single weekly episode) called the NosillaCast. It has an EVER so slight 😉 Apple bias. I'm a retired mechanical engineer and newly minted software developer. I am learning to code through another podcast I do with Bart Busschots called Programming by Stealth.

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@MonaApp I take it back, quitting Mona and reopening keeps that phantom empty sidebar open. I must just be missing some subtlety here?

@briankrebs I’ve tried clicking on the Unsubscribe button in that email from Twitter … and it opens my browser, and then launches the Twitter app. So … that’s good netizen behavior, right?

@MonaApp That closes a sidebar that has content in it. In the screenshot I sent you can see there’s a sidebar with no content. Option-command-[ has no effect on it. The only way I’ve found to rid myself of this phantom column is to quit the app.

@MonaApp If I open a search column but then I’m done with it, how do I make it go away again?

@gedeonm there seem to be some colors missing…

@siracusa heard you mention the awesome Computer Chronicles - I had Stewart Cheifet on Chit Chat Across the Pond a few years ago and he was awesome:

And the CC are on!

@marcoarment I use Hazel to manage my podcast assets. Anything >2 weeks old gets moved to my Synology. I was spending far too much time figuring out how to clean it up so I traded it for the cost of disk in my NAS.

@davew Yeah - there was a big brouhaha about it last week. You can pay for Twitter Blue and then you’re allowed to use insecure SMS 2FA, but if you don’t pay, you have to use TOTP authentication. Elon actually had a good reason though - evidently bot SMS is costing Twitter millions.

@matthew_d_green I’m sure I get caught out on a lot of these, but the contacts request is SO obvious. Just nope.

@georgetakei That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day!

@gedeonm I never once thought about that!

On the iPad Pros podcast, @tchaten interviewed @gedeonm of the @Iconfactory about their drawing application for iPad called Linea. Listening to Ged, I understand why their apps are so playful and inventive. He just seems to have fun!

Reminder to new Mastodon peeps - if you like something, be sure to boost as well as favorite it. Boosting is how we’re all gaining new friends in this smaller but more fun community.

@1password I’m excited, terrified, delighted, and anxious, all at once. Can’t wait!

@viticci Congratuations!

@1password Hallelujah! Reordering fields!!!

@feditips @icecubesapp @geekosupremo I like being able to follow local timelines on other instances with Ice Cubes