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I fix things other people designed broken. @microsoft @Azure for Operators. Previously @Sapo, @vodafone, @Accenture.

Opinions mine, at for 20+ years.

Doing , as a UNIX/Mac guy trapped in a Windows world.

My posts are licensed according to Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0):

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Mondays, right?

@carlosefr well, we did some pretty weird apps, too...

@timbray Yep. That's timely. But I think it needs to be broader, ID photos and stuff are becoming... trivial to "enhance":

So I went and did a little experiment and used latent images to condition subsequent outputs, tweaking the prompts just a little, and running this on a consumer .

Imagine what can be done with proper hardware...

@rands here, have them all in your way:

@shana bring stickers!

@omgubuntu @gnome still lets you disable Bluetooth by mistake with a single click when all you have is a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, though.

I seem to have missed out on a fun day in social networks.
OTOH, I had a relatively fine day of unscheduled work, so... is this a win?

@nobodyinperson one thing I’ve been meaning to do (and failed so far due to lack of time) is getting it to render the polygons for the STLin the GPU (brute force). This also has potential for speeding up the polygon generation massively.

@nobodyinperson nice. Not crazy about the syntax (py-sdf feels nicer to edit), but it has potential

Tired: SEO
Wired: astroturfing AI search

This must be a Tuesday. I could never get the hang of Tuesdays.

I got somewhat fed up with manually configuring machines, so here's a snapshot of my current for a install (this does , , , , you name it--and yes, the name is a pun on ):

Edited 6d ago

@celso it’s only good at Vogon poetry.

@ctietze fixed, thanks

@celso “tell me how to hitch-hike on a passing UFO”

@pls Pretty much, yeah. Also, I have some vintage 433MHz toys I want to decode.

Searching for terrestrial intelligence.

@Migueldeicaza “Siri, tell me a joke” would be dramatically improved, at least.

Like I said a few days ago, Siri is the fridge magnet version of ChatGPT right now.

@shanselman @atomicpoet @chucker @dotnet @fediversenews

“As evil as you think we are” made me LOL

@Migueldeicaza we’re still dealing with glorified Markov chains. Until one of these things has actual language understanding (and agency), it will remain a gimmick.

Still miles ahead from Siri, though.

@mingwei need to check that out.

@timbray one of these days I am going to write a book about my time In telco...

@foone let me grab some popcorn first.